7 amazing photos that'll make you proud to be a firefighter

There are the iconic firefighter photos that have moved the world; shots of the child cradled in a firefighter's arms after the Murrah Federal Building explosion or the images of firefighters covered in soot after the twin towers fell are just a few.

Then there are the everyday things firefighters do that make us proud to be part of this noble calling. These images won't make the cover of Time, yet they speak volumes to who we are and why we do what we do. 

Here are just some of those images from everyday firefighters like you. Visit our Facebook page to see more.

This is from the 9/11 stair climb in Raritan Township, N.J. Even at 7 years old, she understands. All the participants walked the required amount of flights. She decided to do five more flights. When I asked her why she said, "because I can and some people can't walk anymore." (Photo courtesy of Michele Rice Saharic)

Always praying for one another and all our brothers and sisters over the world. (Photo courtesy of Adam Gray)

I'm not a firefighter yet, but I went to a summer camp and trained with some amazing firefighters. This moment is by far the moment I am most proud of. I'm on the left and the girl on my right was my partner throughout the day. This photo was taken right after we got done with the search and rescue drill. (Photo courtesy of Amber McPherson)

Caribou County Fire Department in Soda Springs, Idaho. We saved these kittens in a house fire. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Hemmert Stuckey )

From a 9/11 stair climb in Green Bay, Wis. in 2013. (Photo courtesy of Matthew R. Scovill)

The parents of a fallen soldier nearly lost the dog their son befriended in Iraq after a fire at their home. Firefighters searched the home through heavy smoke and pulled out the dog. The dog made a full recovery and crews were able to save their son's valuables. (Photo courtesy of Jon Ryba)

Firefighters are emotional after finishing the Worcester Firefighters Memorial 6K Race. The race was started after the loss of our six brothers in the Worcester Cold Storage Fire back on December 3, 1999 and has evolved into Worcester's biggest community and family event. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Royce)

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