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Firefighters adopt pit bull puppy after rescuing it from burning building

Jimmy Moore and Timothy Dexter adopted the puppy after the residents of the home said they did not want to keep him

By FireRescue1 Staff

NEWBURGH, N.Y. — Firefighters adopted a pit bull puppy after it was rescued from an apartment fire.

People reported that the City of Newburgh Fire Department responded to a call about an apartment building fire and heard there were two puppies missing.

“One puppy was found by firefighter Chris Baum and was handed over to me,” Lt. Dexter said. “I brought the puppy out and began CPR. Unfortunately, our efforts were unsuccessful. We went back in and searched everywhere in that apartment … we didn’t believe anything could be alive in that room.”

As the crew was finishing up, Lt. Anthony Muhammed heard the other puppy.

“We heard the wines of a little puppy,” Lt. Dexter said.  “We went into the room and Lt. Muhammad flipped the bed over, and there was little Titus. He picked Titus up and handed him off to me. I brought him outside and began treating him with oxygen and trying to take care of his burns, assisted by firefighter Jimmy Moore.”

The puppy was taken to a veterinary hospital and treated for third-degree burns all over his body.

Lt. Dexter said the original owners didn’t want to keep him, so he and firefighter Jimmy Moore adopted the puppy and named him Titus.

“Early that day, Moore was saying to me that he was thinking about getting a new puppy so his dog, which is the brother to my dog, would have a friend to play with when he was away,” Lt.  Dexter said. “Although it was a little sooner than he expected, we knew it was meant to be. Jimmy was a little concerned about how much the vet bills would cost, [so] I told him I would co-own the dog with him and help him out financially, but he would have primary care of the dog … I think Titus will have a much better life.”

Posted by City of Newburgh Firefighters IAFF Local 589 on Friday, August 4, 2017


Posted by City of Newburgh Firefighters IAFF Local 589 on Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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