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Battalion chief rams gate to save delivery man from dog attack

Steve Goodwin said he rammed the gate after someone at the house refused to open it

By FireRescue1 Staff

PUYALLUP, Wash. — A battalion chief jumped into action and rammed a gate to save a UPS driver who was being attacked by pit bulls.

KOMO News reported that Orting Valley Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Steve Goodwin rammed the gate open after someone inside refused to open it.

Pierce County Animal Control said they received a frantic call from the driver who said he was being mauled by four pit bulls. He said he was hurt and was on top of a 4-foot trailer.

"I was pretty scared that he was going to get pulled off of the trailer," Batt. Chief Goodwin said. "He had a dog that was latched on pretty well."

Batt. Chief Goodwin said someone on the property would not open the gate so he could come inside and rescue the man.

"I repeatedly asked the person at the gate if they would open the gate,” Batt. Chief Goodwin said. “They would not comply with what I requested and looked up again and decided it was time to go get him."

Batt. Chief Goodwin used a department SUV to break the gate open and drove up to the UPS driver so he could climb through the window to safety.

"Never been turned down from someone when I'm attempting to help somebody," Batt. Chief Goodwin said.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office and animal control are investigating the incident.

"If somebody is in the process of actually being attacked by animals and they're refusing aid and allowing us to intervene, that's one of those that's almost 'obstruction,’” animal control supervisor Brian Boman said.

The UPS driver is recovering and the dogs are being quarantined while officials decide if the owner will get them back.


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