Fire chief reprimanded for firefighter dance video

Mayor: 'We're a professional fire department and damn it, we're going to dance like one'

BOOGEYTOWN, Tenn., —  The latest group of firefighters to make a "Gangnam Style" video to promote fire safety have found themselves in hot water. The video, in which firefighters perform the dance routine has gone viral over the Internet and Mayor Tostepp is furious.

She's so angry, in fact, she's formally written up the fire chief and suspended the eight firefighters who appeared in the video.

"Their dancing was atrocious," the mayor said. "I've never seen such a lack of rhythm and timing in all of my life. They are an embarrassment to the city and firefighters everywhere."

Starting immediately, all firefighters have been ordered to watch three hours of "Glee" every shift and at least two noted dance choreographers have been hired to work each shift with all firefighters.

"This is not about eight individual firefighters," the mayor said. "This is a department-wide effort to bring our level of performance up to par."

The mayor cited the recent "Gangnam Style" parody from the South Baldwin (Pa.) Volunteer Fire Company as examples of the level of professionalism she expects from dancing firefighters."Dancing on video is as much a tradition in the fire service as red trucks and spotted dogs," the mayor said. "We will turn this problem around."

A contrite Fire Chief Buckilunder apologized to the mayor and town council and vowed to make his firefighters the best dancers in the state, maybe the nation.

The chief confessed that there have been recent mutual-aid calls where firefighters from a neighboring department will throw down some dance moves on the fireground.

"Our guys couldn't meet the challenge, the chief said. "We are pretty lousy dancers.

"Clearly, we've been spending too much time on hose and rescue evolutions," Chief Buckilunder said. "Our men and women are committed to being great firefighters; we'll turn this problem around and be dancing like Madonna backup singers in short order."

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