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Firefighter/EMT (Basic or Paramedic)
Thurston County Medic One - Olympia, Washington

Application Deadline:

Salary Information

5650-6328 monthly

Job Description

The following information is provided as a representative sample of the duties and/or function performed by Paramedics/Firefighters, and knowledge skills and abilities necessary to successfully perform the job. Each jurisdiction has independently assigned duties and performance standards. The examples listed here are not intended to be inclusive of all expectations and do not constitute an employment contract.

(Varies by jurisdiction) Performs emergency medical activities including but not limited to driving emergency vehicles to incident scenes, providing Advanced LifeSupport (ALS) and transporting ALS patients to appropriate health care facilities. Directs personnel with regard to EMS activities at the scene as required. Enters EMS data on computer. Participates in training and maintains acceptable skill level(s); instructs Emergency Medical Services (EMS) classes as required. Performs firefighting activities including but not limited to driving fire apparatus, operating fire pumps and related equipment, laying hose, climbing ladders, using Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), operating radio and other communication equipment. Must be able to lift, move, and/or carry a minimum of 180 lbs; must be able to work at heights of 75 feet or more as required. Maintains communication logs of all associated activities. Participates in the inspection of buildings, hydrants and other fire prevention programs. Maintains fire equipment, buildings and apparatus to include performing minor repairs to department properties. Cleans, polishes and tests equipment. As assigned, assists in the development of plans, training exercises or similar special assignments.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required of a Fully Appointed


  • Modern methods, principles, techniques and practices of Advanced Life Support (ALS) as described in the Thurston County Medic One EMS Protocols

  • Pharmacology for all medications carried in ALS vehicles medical terminology

  • 2-way radio use in conformance with FCC rules and regulations

  • Traffic laws, ordinances and regulations involving emergency vehicle Operations

Ability to:

  • Use, operate and maintain emergency medical equipment including emergency vehicles, cardiac monitors, pacemakers and defibrillators

  • Perform life-saving techniques such as intravenous therapy and advanced airway techniques

  • Administer correct dosages and types of medications

  • Use computer; to think clearly, to reason and react quickly and calmly in hazardous and potentially life-threatening situations

  • Perform hazardous tasks requiring strenuous physical exertion for extended periods of time in cramped surroundings, hot smokye nvironments with limited visibility, and sometimes at considerable heights

  • Memorize the geography, streets, hydrants and building locations in the geographic areas served, as well as individual characteristics of buildings, including construction, hazards and built-in protection devices read and interpret maps, plans and diagrams of floor plans

  • Recall facts and conditions observed while under severe physical and/or emotional stress

  • Use tact, understanding and judgment in dealing with the public

  • Maintain physical ability sufficient to carry and/or lift objects to provide emergency medical and public safety services; ascend/descend stairs and ladders; stand, squat or kneel, reach, walk and maintain finger dexterity to perform emergency medical functions

  • Communicate verbally by emergency radio transmission

  • Safely and efficiently drive and operate emergency vehicles

  • Understand and follow verbal and written instructions

  • Meet and maintain standards for customer service and teamwork

Additional Information

Additional information concerning the ALS agencies may be found on our website at


Fill out the application and submit to our agency by 10/02/2017, 5 PM. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Medic One (360-704-2782) or email me directly at


This is a Thurston County Medic One ALS Protocol test. You will be tested on these protocols. If you pass the protocol test on 10/11/2017 (Tuesday), you will be invited back to participate in our scenario based oral boards either 10/12/2017 (Wednesday) or 10/19/2017 (Wednesday). Completed application packets must be received by October 2, 2017 or postmarked no later than October 2, 2017 to Thurston County Medic One at the address above. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of an application and required attachments.

This is to create a hiring list for our three contracted ALS agencies: Tumwater Fire Department, Olympia Fire Department and Lacey Fire District 3. If you have specific questions regarding their agencies, you will need to contact them directly. Contact information is available.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: CAAHEP Accredited Paramedic Course

EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Must be at least 21 years of age, a high school graduate or have earned a GED certificate and have successfully completed an approved Department of Transportation (DOT) basic Paramedic Course (CAAHEP Accredited per Washington State DOH). Must possess either 1) current or former Washington State Paramedic Certification, or 2) (other) state of residence AND current National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedics (NREMT-P) certification and 3) must possess valid Washington State Driver’s License at the time of hire.

Candidates are required to take a pass/fail physical agility test (CPAT) to qualify for an ALS agency interview. Please provide a copy of your unexpired CPAT.  The candidate will not qualify for an interview unless an unexpired CPAT is included with your application packet. Agency requirements are as follows: Olympia FD and Tumwater FD: Public Safety Testing only. Lacey FD3: Will accept any IAFF/IAFC CPAT (i.e. Public Safety Testing, National Testing Network, Bates).

Contact Informaton

Catherine Griffin

Thurston County Medic One
2703 Pacific Ave SE Ste C
Olympia, Washington 98501
phone: (360) 704-2782

How to Apply

Please go to our website at www.tcmedicone.org and fill out an application.  You can also find our county protocols in preparation for our paramedic protocol test.  Please call if you have questions.

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