Firefighter/EMT (Basic or Paramedic)
South Burlington Fire-EMS Department - South Burlington, Vermont

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Salary Information

43040.02 annual

Job Description

This position is responsible for fire suppression, emergency medical services operations, hazardous materials mitigation, special operations / technical rescue and fire prevention. Performs maintenance on vehicles, equipment and the fire station. Has knowledge of the National Incident Management System.


The essential functions are not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

· Works under the general direction of the Shift Commander or designee to support the efforts and goals of the Fire Department in accordance with departmental rules and regulations.

· Performs firefighting activities utilizing fire hoses, heavy stream appliances, extinguishers and ladders and ventilates burning buildings. Is required to wear and use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus to enter extremely hazardous environments and performs search and rescue procedures to evacuate and rescue persons in danger.

· Administers emergency medical services and coordinates transport of sick and injured persons. Obtain vital signs, semi-auto defibrillation; patient assessments and other related patient care tasks in conjunction with state approved guidelines.

· Performs hazardous materials mitigation at the certified Operations level. Performs Technical Rescues requiring certification in the areas of advanced vehicle extrication, rope rescue operations, confined space rescue operations and cold-water rescue.

· Performs daily emergency apparatus and equipment inspections to include minor maintenance and repairs, apparatus and equipment tests, to ensure proper service of all equipment. Conducts daily routine station maintenance in accordance with the established schedule as well as other assigned duties.

· Assists the company officer with daily record keeping activities to include computer-based fire and medical reporting systems.

· Participates in commercial building inspections in conjunction with the City of South Burlington Liquor License Program. Performs residential building familiarization inspections in accordance with the fire prevention code. Places findings of inspections in written inspection reports.

· Participates in shift training and may assume the role of instructor and develop training materials.

· May attend seminars and training classes to keep updated on current practices in firefighting, emergency medical services, leadership and related subjects.

· Maintains positive public relations when participating in and conducting fire prevention programs and other related fire educational activities.

· In the absence of an officer, may perform functions under the National Incident Management System.

· Works with other departments within the City and performs other necessary tasks or functions as is necessary to accomplish City and Department goals and objectives.

Additional Information


· High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

· Required certifications:

o Vermont Operator's License.

o Vermont or Pro Board-Certified Firefighter I and II

o Vermont Emergency Medical Technician – Basic certification

o Vermont Hazardous Material - Decontamination certification

o Current CPAT certificate dated 12/16 or sooner

· Possess ability to perform highly responsible duties of a complex nature, requiring considerable initiative and judgment particularly in emergency situations which do not fall clearly within established practices or precedents.

· Knowledge of departmental policies and procedures relating to daily fire department operations and emergency mitigation.

· Knowledge of the City of South Burlington layout, streets and hydrant locations.

· Knowledge of Firefighting principles, techniques and the skillful use of related equipment.

· Knowledge of Emergency Medical Care principles, techniques and the skillful use of related equipment.

· Knowledge of Technical Rescue principles, techniques and the skillful use of related equipment in the areas of Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Cold-Water Rescue.

· Knowledge of and Possesses ability to utilize Emergency Medical Care principles, techniques and the skillful use of related equipment at the ALS level

· Possesses ability to operate fire engines, aerial devices, ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

· Possesses ability to rely on sense of sight and hearing to help determine the nature of an emergency and make operational decisions.

· Possesses ability to make life or death decisions during emergency operations.

· Possesses ability to communicate clearly and concisely in writing and orally. Demonstrated competency in using word processing, computer-based incident reporting systems and other software.

· Possess ability to manage and maintain confidential information to include patient medical information, criminal matters and fire and arson investigations which are sensitive in nature and confidential.


Indoor – Administrative, documentation, classroom training, meetings and record keeping tasks are performed in climate-controlled office environment or department facility, where exposure to conditions of extreme heat/cold, poor ventilation, fumes and gases is limited. Noise level is moderate and includes sounds of normal office equipment (computers, telephones, etc.). Apparatus maintenance, equipment inspection, testing, and repairs are performed in semi-climate-controlled garage space with conditions of mild heat/cold variations, fair ventilation, and the frequent presence of fumes and gases. Some environmental hazards are present and noise levels can be high.

Outdoor – Emergency operations may be performed under variable weather conditions and in an environment with considerable potential for personal danger including significant risk of injury and/or death as can be expected when engaged in emergency operations. Equipment, apparatus, and vehicle inspection, testing, maintenance, repairs and training can also be performed under variable weather conditions with potential for serious injury. Some environmental hazards are present and noise levels can be high.


The physical and mental demands described here are representative of those that are typically met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Work may include frequent strenuous physical effort required in performing assigned duties in situations of severe personal danger with exposure to hazardous conditions, in environments deemed to be an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH) and adverse weather conditions. Environmental conditions may include all of the following:

· Extreme fluctuations in temperature. Must perform physically demanding tasks in extreme heat while wearing personal protective equipment, which impairs the body's cooling system.

· May perform duties in sub-zero weather and contend with wind chill factors.

· May often work in wet, muddy or icy areas.

· May frequently work on slippery or uneven surfaces such as roof tops, ladders, and icy ground surfaces.

· Must perform work on or about moving machinery or equipment or in the vicinity of vehicles in motion (i.e., emergency vehicles, power tools, cutting torches, etc.).

· Makes contact and provides emergency medical care to sick and injured patients, with frequent exposure to illnesses, body fluids and potential blood and airborne pathogens.

· Face exposure to hazardous substances.

· Exposure to higher than normal noise levels (i.e., when riding in emergency vehicles).

· Functioning under poor/no visibility.

· Exposure to sharp objects.

· Exposure to vibration when riding in emergency vehicles or operating power tools.

· Required to perform work in confined spaces or cramped body positions.

· Exposed to possibility of burn injuries.

· Exposure to smoke and dust.

· Exposure to oil and grease, especially during maintenance and repair of firefighting equipment.

· Exposure to uninsulated or unshielded electrical equipment.

· Exposure to radiation hazards.

· Exposure to a variety of stressors:

o Critical decision making in life threatening situations

o Performance of complex tasks during life threatening situations

o Dealing with critically injured/ill people and their families/friends

o Tight time frames

o Tasks requiring long periods of intense concentration

o Unpleasant or traumatic situations (i.e., critically injured people, death, mass casualty incidents, mass fatality incidents, injury to self or co-workers, etc.)

o Work 24-hour shifts during which sleep may be interrupted or prevented

o Working in unknown situations

· Must be constantly prepared to respond to emergency situations without warning

· Required to wear personal protective equipment weighing 50-70 lbs., depending upon situation.

· Exposure to all weather elements (i.e., sun, heat, rain, sleet, snow, ice, etc.).

· Exposure to noxious odors.

*Salary listed is base salary.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: Entry Level

VT Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate Certification Required

· Performs Advanced Life Support (ALS) measures. ALS skills include a more in-depth physiological understanding of the human body as it relates medical emergencies and a greater ability to identify life-threatening events. ALS techniques include the use of advanced airway management techniques, cardiac monitor, the ability to establish intravenous lines (IV's), the use of a glucometer and the administration of medications and fluids. Works under the guidance of medical control.

· Duties include performing as a crew member on the ambulance who is responsible for patient care, contacts the hospital to inform the emergency department staff of the patient's condition and will request ALS interventions. May also be responsible for the safe and timely transport of the patient to the hospital emergency department and will stay with the patient until care is transferred to emergency department staff.

Contact Informaton

Stefanie Moore

South Burlington Fire-EMS Department
Fire Station #1575 Dorset St
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
phone: 1-802-846-4118

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