Volunteer Firefighter

Firefighter/EMT (Basic or Paramedic)
Cockrell Hill Fire Department - Cockrell Hill, Texas

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Salary Information

0.00 hourly

Job Description

This is a highly skillful position that responds to fire alarms, medical emergencies, and other emergencies to protect life and property; operates and maintains a variety of fire and rescue apparatus and firefighting equipment; participates in firefighter activities, emergency medical services, hazardous material incidents, fire prevention and training activities.

Activities including driving apparatus, Laying hose, fire suppression, salvage and overhaul. Maintains departmental equipment, supplies and facilities. Performs minor repairs to departmental equipment. Performs general maintenance work in the upkeep of facilities and equipment; cleans and washes walls and floors; cares for grounds around station; makes minor repairs; washes, hangs and dries hose; washes, cleans, polishes, maintains and tests apparatus and equipment.

Works under supervision of the Director of Public Safety and Fire Chiefs.

Additional Information

Minimum Qualifications: • Be at least 18 years of age • Be a high school graduate or have obtained a G.E.D. • Be subjected to a search of records to disclose a criminal record. • No felony convictions • No Misdemeanor convictions involving domestic violence or moral turpitude (any applicant under current  charge or indictment for any criminal offense, other than a traffic violation, is not acceptable); • No recent use of narcotics, drugs, or controlled substances • No DWI or DUID convictions within past 10 years • Possess a valid driver's license with good driving record as defined by City policy. • Have visual acuity needed to discern traffic signs and house numbers from approximately 50 feet, often in dim light. • Be able to distinguish between the colors red, yellow, and green.  

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: high school graduate or have obtained a G.E.D.

Contact Informaton

Cockrell Hill Fire Department
Cockrell Hill, Texas 75211
phone: (214) 330-6357

How to Apply

Apply online at www.cockrellhillfd.com

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