Firefighter Paramedic

Firefighter/EMT (Basic or Paramedic)
Boulder Rural Fire Rescue - BOULDER, Colorado

Nov 24, 2021

Application Deadline:
Dec 13, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$Entry Starting Pay Rate: $70,362 per year, Top Grade Firefighter—Paramedic Rate: $94,546 annual

Job Description

The Firemedic is a front-line firefighter who performs emergency medical services at the paramedic level as well as firefighting services required to protect life and/or property from the dangers of fire, hazardous materials, accidents, and natural or man-made disasters, using a variety of medical procedures and firefighting techniques with the provided equipment. The Career Firemedic also performs fire safety inspections and other fire prevention activities, as required. The Career Firemedic may also perform a variety of technical work and labor required to drive, operate, engineer and maintain BRFR pumping apparatus once qualified to do so. The Career Firemedic is normally scheduled to work a 48/96 schedule, comprised of two consecutive 24-hour hour shifts (48 hours) on duty, and followed by 96 hours off duty.

Additional Information

1.16.4 Mandatory Qualifications and Requirements

  1. High school diploma or GED.

  2. At least 21 years of age.

  3. Possess and maintain a current, unrestricted Colorado driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

  4. Possess and maintain State of Colorado EMT-P (Paramedic)

  5. Possess and maintain ACLS, PHTLS and PALS certifications

  6. Pass BRFR’s Physical Agility Test within the period established by BRFR.

  7. Knowledge of modern fire service methods and procedures in suppression, prevention, Hazmat and EMS.

  8. Knowledge of fire service company-based operations.

  9. Knowledge of customer service and public relations.

  10. Knowledge of applicable laws, Boulder County EMS Protocols and BRFR SOGs.

  11. Knowledge of Fire and EMS training and instructional methods.

  12. Knowledge of BRFR's rules.

  13. Knowledge of NWCG ICS organizational principles.

  14. Demonstrated ability to operate as an effective member of an engine and/or ambulance company with career and volunteer members.

  15. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively orally, in writing, and by electronic media; train, instruct, and assist in the training of other BRFR members.

  16. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, subordinates, peers and the public.

  17. Demonstrated ability to manage and complete numerous technical and complex collateral administrative assignments; prioritize work assigned from multiple superiors.

  18. Demonstrated ability to implement, coordinate and operate within an ICS system.

  19. This position requires the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language at a level adequate to perform the job.

  20. Possess and maintain all qualifications pursuant to BRFR SOG 2.25

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: No fire service experience required

1.16.6 Working Environment/Physical Requirements

This position requires work in a variety of locations and conditions, including living quarters and office areas, in and around a wide variety of automotive, mechanical, chemical and medical equipment or supplies, and emergency scenes of every type.

  1. Strenuous physical activity under extreme adverse conditions will be required periodically.

  2. This position requires standing, running, walking, sitting, kneeling, stooping, bending, lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling, crawling, jumping, sliding, climbing, pinching, gripping, digging, spraying, reaching over head, reaching away from body, and repetitive motion.

  3. Work is performed in all weather conditions and in extreme temperatures.

  4. Work may be performed under hazardous and adverse conditions, including but not limited to, slippery and uneven surfaces, proximity to moving mechanical equipment, burning structures, broken glass or other materials, electrical currents, high places, and confined spaces.

  5. Work may result in exposure to smoke, gases, chemicals, fumes, odors, mists and dusts, which can affect the respiratory system or skin requiring the wearing of furnished PPE.

  6. Work may result in exposure to individuals or blood carrying infectious diseases or illnesses, such as Hepatitis A, B or C, HIV, tuberculosis, small pox, etc. requiring the wearing of furnished PPE.

  7. Work may result in exposure to high noise levels requiring the wearing of hearing protection. 8. This position demands frequent use of sensory activities such as talking, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling (identifying objects by touch), depth perception and color vision.

  8. This position will involve periods of high physical, mental and/or emotional stress. General:

  1. Knowledge of all applicable laws, and BRFR’s SOGs, Personnel Handbook, organizational chart and chain of command.

  2. Follows written and oral orders and directions of all supervisors.

  3. Operates in conjunction with all officers and members.

  4. Conducts himself/herself in a manner that reflects positively on BRFR.

  5. Possesses good communications skills.

  6. Effectively works as a member of a team, including functioning as a member of a combination department working with both career and volunteer members on a regular basis.

  7. Obtains and maintains a sound knowledge of BRFR’s geography.

  8. Works cooperatively in mutual aid, training and/or other social occasions with other agencies.

  9. Able to prioritize quickly to determine the most effective course of action.

  10. Works in a positive manner and encourages safe and coordinated teamwork and emergency response.

  11. Participates in a proactive, regular, physical fitness and wellness program.

  12. Treats other employees, members, and the public with dignity, courtesy and respect.

  13. Responsible for participating in all on-duty training and safety programs conducted or provided through BRFR.

  14. Satisfactorily performs all duties assigned by a supervisor.

  15. Consistently promotes a professional image of BRFR at all times.

  16. At the direction of his/her supervisor or other higher-ranking officer, may work weekdays, holidays, weekends, evenings and nights in addition to his/her regularly scheduled shifts.

  17. May attend remote meetings, conferences and trainings that will require out of town travel and/or overnight lodging paid for by the department.

  18. If qualified as a BRFD acting officer, assume shift leadership responsibilities when requested by his/her supervisor or other higher-ranking officer.

  19. Supports the Shift Captain with daily duties, training and station/equipment maintenance.

  20. Successfully completes BRFR’s initial probationary period.

  21. Performs such other duties as may be assigned by a Captain or other supervisor from time to time. Firefighter Duties:

  1. Responds to emergency calls as a member of an engine or ambulance company.

  2. Achieves and maintains a high level of knowledge of firefighting methods, and use of all firefighting and rescue equipment.

  3. Assists with the care and maintenance of fire stations, grounds, fire apparatus and other vehicles and equipment employed in the performance of duties.

  4. Maintains knowledge of fire prevention and inspection standards and practices necessary to satisfactorily perform fire safety inspections.

  5. Performs testing of fire hydrants, fire hose and fire protection systems.

  6. Assists in the on-duty delivery of public education programs in fire safety.

  7. Performs a variety of technical and manual labor duties required to locate, control and extinguish fires, including connecting to fire hydrants, connecting hoses and nozzles, and laying in supply and attack hoses.

  8. Uses visual, sensory, judgment criteria and thermal imaging equipment to locate fire sources. 9. Applies fire streams (water, chemical and/or portable extinguishers) on fire sources; carries, positions and raises ground ladders.

  9. Uses a variety of hand-held and powered tools (axes, pike poles, saws, etc.) necessary to locate, control and extinguish fires.

  10. Performs forcible entry operations to gain access into structures, using a variety of tools and equipment.

  11. Performs salvage operations to prevent damage to property not involved in fires and/or emergency situations, including the placement of covers, removing property from danger, and removing water, smoke and heat from structures, etc.

  12. Performs tasks to extricate individuals safely from wrecked vehicles, structures, earth cave-ins, etc., using a variety of tools and equipment (saws, jacks, pry bars, etc.).

  13. Inspects commercial and public buildings as a member of a fire company to ensure compliance with applicable Fire Codes and nationally recognized standards.

  14. Informs the public of the need for fire prevention.

  15. Assists in preparing inspection reports.

  16. Identifies hazardous materials.

  17. Familiar with structures within BRFR.

  18. Maintains, cleans, services, inspects and loads firefighting and/or emergency equipment, tools, etc. on company apparatus.

  19. Assists in minor repairs to apparatus and equipment.

  20. Cleans assigned fire station quarters, apparatus rooms, etc.

  21. Participates in training classes and drills to maintain and increase firefighting and emergency techniques and response.

  22. Participates in and may instruct station training activities.

  23. Performs a variety of technical and manual labor tasks to ventilate structures involved in fire, smoke and odor calls, including the placement of fans, mechanical opening of rooms, floors, walls, and the opening and/or closing of doors, windows and vents.

  24. Performs search and rescue operations to locate and remove individuals from fire and emergency situations. Paramedic Duties

  1. Upon arrival at an emergency medical scene, evaluate the medical needs of the patient(s), and provide medical care in accordance with, and subject to the limitations of, the Boulder County Medical Protocols at the paramedic level.

  2. Inspect, maintain and document BRFR’s EMS equipment.

  3. Maintain custody of medical controlled substances and document uses in accordance with BRFR’s SOGs.

  4. Complete Patient Care Reports at the first available opportunity in accordance with BRFR’s SOGs.

  5. Participate in patient care report QA/QI process, if requested.

  6. Keep current on all new developments in the Emergency Medical Services Field and provide necessary shift level trainings to keep all EMTs trained to current practices.

Contact Information

John O'Connor

Boulder Rural Fire Rescue
BOULDER, Colorado 80301
phone: 303-530-9575

How to Apply

Boulder Rural Fire Rescue (BRFR) offers full testing services for the position of Entry Firefighter through National Testing Network (NTN). To register with NTN and schedule a test, go to, select ‘Find Jobs’, then select Firefighter Jobs and sign up for BRFR.

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