Firefighter Trainee


May 19, 2021

Application Deadline:
Jun 30, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$36,300 annual

Job Description

Now Hiring!!!
Virtual Zoom Information Session: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 10 am - 12 noon

RSVP to attend the virtual session by 12 noon May 25th to

Application Period: TuesdayJune 1, 2021 to Wednesday, June 30, 2021

++Important Dates!!++

IPMA-HR Test Period: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - Friday, July 9, 2021

1st Interview (Spark Hire- virtual): Wednesday, June 1, 2021 - Wednesday, June 30, 2021

CPAT Conditioning Workshop: Wednesdays, September 15, 2021 - Wednesday, November 10, 2021

CPAT Practice: Tuesdays/Saturdays, September 14, 2021 - November 13, 2021

*Official CPAT:   Monday, November 15, 2021 - Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Final Interview: TBD

Background Investigation: November 19, 2021 - December 19, 2021

*Pre-employment Screenings/Drug Screening: March 10, 2021 - March 11, 2021

*Candler Day: March 12, 2021

*Subject to change

The Savannah Fire Department is a nationally and State accredited agency that follow set standards of practice. Savannah Fire Department earned an ISO Class I rating for maintaining professional standards and equipment that reduce the City's fire riskThe Savannah Fire Department is one of only 200 fire departments in the country to hold international accreditation. We consistently strive for professionalism and excellence in service where our employees are valued as our greatest asset. The Savannah Fire Department employs 318 sworn and 18 civilian personnel. We are committed to providing firefighters with a rewarding career as a Firefighter.

++A Day in the Life of a Firefighter++

We offer an excellent benefits package to include: 11 paid holidays, medical/dental/vision insurance, wellness programs, education reimbursement, deferred benefit contribution plan, 457 B, Georgia Firefighter Pension Fund, GMA Firefighter Cancer Benefit, may be eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits and U.S. Department of Veterans OJT Apprenticeship program

Visit the ++VA OJT Apprenticeship Benefits++ website to see how it works.

Did you know that working for a government agency (state, local or Federal) may qualify you for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness? ++Click here to learn more about the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness ++

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your training may take place in a virtual environment.

The City of Savannah also employs a virtual interview process through our online video interviewing technology; an interview process you can complete from the comfort of your home.

Individuals hired as Firefighters must comply with a No Use of Tobacco Agreement.

Women, Minorities and Veterans are encouraged to apply!

The City of Savannah is an Equal Opportunity Employer

As a Firefighter with Savannah Fire, you will perform firefighting activities in training, including combating and extinguishing fires, rescuing persons, and salvaging property in emergency situations, training with and maintaining equipment, assisting in fire prevention activities, and controlling and containing hazardous substances. As a Firefighter, you are required to be a certified Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B), which will be provided by the Savannah Fire Department.

Additional Information

Essential Job Functions

  • Firefighters prepare and respond to fire alarms in a company and performing tasks such as lay out and connect hoses, raise, and climb ladders, and direct the suppressants to extinguish fires.
  • Firefighters also carry out firefighting activities using tools and methods in a prescribed manner.
  • Firefighters perform emergency lifesaving activities, salvage, and preserve property to minimize fire loss; and perform clean-up activities after fire suppression.
  • Firefighters train and study with fire tools and equipment to develop and maintain competency and proficiency in fire suppression and prevention procedures and techniques, lifesaving techniques.
  • Firefighters become familiar with developments in incombustible and fire hazards and conduct studies to learn locations of city streets and addresses, hydrants, standpipes, and physical features of property within a district.
  • Firefighters assist in the inspection of commercial and residential properties for fire hazards.
  • Firefighters also advise and solicit cooperation of property owners and inhabitants to rectify hazardous conditions. You will also participate in fire drills in hospitals, schools, and other high-risk structures.
  • Firefighters will service, clean, and test firefighting equipment and property to ensure proper working order.
  • Firefighters perform general maintenance work in the upkeep of fire department facilities.
  • Firefighters assist in the operation of assigned equipment, and inspect and check the conditions of fire hydrants, standpipes, and water supply sources.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: HS Diploma
  • Experience: 0

Firefighter applicants

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must have a High School Diploma (or copy of HS transcripts) or GED

Must complete 240 hours of basic training within the first six months of employment

Must possess and maintain a valid state driver's license and an acceptable driving history and the ability to work various shifts.

Must successfully complete the Emergency Medical Technician- Basic (EMT-B) course and become certified by the State of Georgia or National Registry. This course is a part of the Fire Academy. Candidates will have ++three attempts++ to obtain the certification after completing the course. Failure to complete the course will result in termination of employment.

Must successfully complete academy

****Note: Only the following required documents are to be submitted:

Birth Certificate

Social security card

High School Diploma/GED (contact your HS for a copy of your HS transcript if you do not have a copy of your HS diploma; a college degree does not take the place of the HS diploma)

Driver's License

DD214 (honorable discharge), member 4 copy for prior military service


Please make sure that you have attached clear and legible copies of all required documents to your application, name all required documents as indicated below and save as a pdf file prior to submitting your application:

Johnson_J_Birth certificate





Additional information Verification of education, certifications, and licenses will be required prior to employment. A background investigation, and post-offer/pre-employment medical exam including supervised drug screen will be conducted.

Work Location: 280 Agonic Rd.  Work Schedule: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Change in Applicant's Personal Information  Applicants are required to notify the City of Savannah Office of Human Resources in writing of any changes in personal information such as legal name, address, telephone/cell number and e-mail. Changes or updates can be sent to

2022 Selection Process

Online application & First Interview

Applications will be accepted Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Through Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Candidates who applied in 2020 and met the minimum requirements ++must reapply++ under the current recruitment. 

All applicants will participate in the first round of virtual interviews using the Spark Hire platform. Applicants will have 7 days from the date of notification to complete the interview. ++No extensions.++

Please review all e-mails (check your e-mail in-box and/or spam folder on a regular basis) and attachments received from the City of Savannah Office of Human Resources carefully for details regarding your status and next steps in the Firefighter selection process.

IPMA-HR Online Firefighter Entry Level 101 Exam

Applicants who completed the online application will receive an email to register for the online exam. Applicants may purchase a study guide prior to registering to take the exam. Click here to purchase the IPMA-HR FF-EL 101

study guide ++ from the Public Safety Compass website. We recommend that you purchase the study guide prior to taking the exam.

The study guide provides test-taking tips that may help you improve your overall test performance that consist of the following components: logical and mathematical reasoning ability, reading comprehension, situational judgment, ability to learn and apply information, interests, mechanical aptitude, spatial sense and vocabulary.

++Candidates that failed the IPMA-HR FF-EL 101 exam in 2020++ ++must reapply and submit all required documents and retake the exam during the current test period++

Applicants that passed the IPMA-HR FF-EL 101 but failed the CPAT must verify their 2020 test score by June 11, 2021, via email If you fail to notify us or verify your test score by the deadline you will have to retake the test.

Local and Out-of-state candidates may register for the IPMA-HR FF-EL 101 online exam on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 thru Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Applicants must wait at least 72 hours after registering for the exam to take the exam. If you take the exam prior to 72 hour you will incur a cost. Applicants must take the exam by ++July 9, 2021,++ which is the last day to test for the test registration period. 

Applicants must receive a passing score of 63/90 (70%) to move forward. ++No Exceptions or Extensions will be granted++++.++

Local candidates that do not have computer access will be scheduled to take the exam in person on at Savannah Fire Department (SFD) Training Facility, located at 280 Agonic Rd, Savannah, GA the following dates: (You must bring a valid photo ID)

  • Tuesday, July 6, 2021 at 9 am and 1 pm
  • Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 9 am and 1 pm

Veterans Preference Points

Military veterans must provide a copy of their DD214 showing an honorable discharge (Member 4 or Service 2 copy) at the time of application. You must successfully pass the exam with a score of 63/70 in order to be awarded five (5) or ten (10) additional points to your passing score.

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

Applicants that passed the CPAT in 2020, must resubmit an application and all required documents but do not have to retake the online exam or CPAT.

Candidates that successfully pass the IPMA-HR FF-EL 101 exam will be scheduled for the CPAT Conditioning Workshop and CPAT practice sessions. The workshop and practice sessions will run concurrent and will be held at the Fire Training Facility located at 280 Agonic Rd. 

Candidates that successfully pass the CPAT during the practice session may use the passing score as the official CPAT score. Applicants must notify the proctor that you want to use the practice score as your official CPAT score. 

The ++CPAT Conditioning Workshop++ will be held on ++Wednesdays beginning September 15, 2020 through November 10, 2021++. 

The ++CPAT practice++ will begin on ++September 13, 2021 through November 12, 2021 on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm to 9 pm and Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm.++

The CPAT consists of eight separate events that must be completed in a specific time period. Candidates must progress along a predetermined path from event to event in a continuous manner and complete the entire skills test in 10 minutes, 20 seconds or less. In addition to the CPAT applicants must also complete the 100 Foot Ladder Climb and Confined Space Crawl. Click here to view the CPAT video click on the link ++IAFF CPAT++ or ++IAFF CPAT 2++. For questions about the CPAT contact the SFD Recruiting Unit at 912-650-7850 or

Savannah Fire does not accept any CPAT from other agencies. ++You must take the CPAT for the Savannah Fire Department++. ++NO EXCEPTIONS.++

Final Interview

Candidates that successfully pass the CPAT will be invited for a final interview. Candidates that successfully pass the final interview will move forward to the next phase.

Personal History Background Investigation Applicants selected for further screening are required to complete a personal background history packet detailing, but not limited to general personal information, education and training, military service, employment, experience and volunteer history, motor vehicle record, drug use, alcohol use, legal issues, references, and financial information. Any omissions or falsification of information may be grounds for disqualification. The background packet will be emailed to candidates selected to move forward. Once the background packet and supporting documentation are returned a background investigator will be assigned to review and follow up on the information provided. The background investigator will check all references and conduct the employment verification for all applicants.

  1. Applicants must complete and return the background packet within 30 days of notification

2. Applicants are required to be fingerprinted through the Georgia Applicant Processing System (GAPS) 3. Applicants must provide the Savannah Fire Department a 7-year drivers history from any state they have held a driver's license during the past 7 years.

MVR and Background Standards for Uniformed Firefighting Applicants

Applicants must meet all MVR and background standards for uniformed firefighters. 

Motor vehicle reports will be obtained on applicants for uniformed firefighting positions. Uniformed firefighting applicants must not have had:

  • DUI/DWI charge with the disposition of Nolo Contendre, conviction, or plea within the past five (5) years; and no two in the past seven (7) years
  • Suspensions in the past three (3) years (except for one Insurance Cancellation) and no two or more suspensions in the past seven (7) years.
  • Three or more moving violations in the past two (2) years and no six (6) or more in the past seven (7) years
  • Vehicular Homicide or Hit and Run charge/arrests
  • Fleeing or Attempting to Elude the Police charge/arrests

Uniformed Firefighting applicants must undergo an extensive background investigation, which is conducted by the Savannah Fire Department. All applicants are finger-printed and military records (if applicable) are checked. In accordance with the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council, applicants for uniformed firefighting positions must have none of the following on their criminal history report:

  • Pending Criminal cases
  • Convictions, Nolo Contendre or pleas involving Sexual Offenses, Domestic
  • Violence Act or Impersonating a Police Officer, Perjury or False Statements
  • Felony convictions and Nolo Contendre or pleas involving felony arrests
  • Serious Misdemeanor Convictions, Nolo Contendre, or pleas

HR/SFD Deliberative Review Pass/Fail The results of the background investigation, suitability assessment, along with information contained in the applicant's file related to qualifications and suitability will be reviewed, by the City of Savannah's Office of Human Resources and Savannah Fire Department. An applicant must meet the minimum standards related to qualification and suitability to the satisfaction of the Office of Human Resources and Savannah Fire Department representatives to be approved for hire. Applicants who are not considered during the Deliberative Review will be removed from further processing and prohibited from reapplying to the Savannah Fire Department for a period of one (1) year from date of notification.

Eligible List 

Candidates that successfully pass the background and deliberative review will be placed an Eligible List which will remain active for one year from the date established.

Conditional Offer, Pre-Employment Medical Examination, Drug Screening & Fitness Exam     Selected candidates will receive a conditional offer of employment from the City of Savannah Office of Human Resources. ++PLEASE DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB OR SUBMIT A RESIGNATION LETTER UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A FINAL OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT++.

Selected candidates will be scheduled for pre-employment screenings and Candler Day which will include the following: Fasting Lab Work, Chest X-ray, and Biometric screening at Candler Wellness Center. A representative from St. Joseph's/Candler will contact you to schedule these events. Candidates are also fitted for uniforms and turn out gear on this date.

Final Offer of Employment Upon successful completion of all pre-employment screenings, medical screen, drug screen and fitness tests successful candidates will receive a final offer of employment from the Human Resources Department to include a Recruit Reimbursement Contract. You will be sent a link via email from the Human Resources representative to complete the onboarding process. The second part of the onboarding process will require you to come into the Human Resources department to complete final paperwork. Please check your e-mail in-box and/or spam folder on a regular basis.

Contact Information

LaTrelle Porter

121 E. Oglethorpe Ave
SAVANNAH, Georgia 31406
phone: 912-651-6484 or 912-650-7800

How to Apply


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