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Mourning those who died this weekend

The time for analysis and learning from these tragedies will come; for now, remember the fallen

Editor's Note: Chief Adam K. Thiel looks at this weekend's line of duty deaths and reminds us to mourn those firefighters and not jump to hasty conclussions.

The U.S. fire service just experienced a tragic weekend. While many across our nation observed holidays from Friday through Monday, fire departments in several states are dealing with the tragic losses of their members during that same timespan.

I know we are all thinking of these firefighters, their departments, and their families right now. At the same time, many of us are trying to comprehend what happened in the incidents that claimed their lives.

Frankly, it's too soon to understand. And while learning from others' lessons is important for the broader fire service, it's vital that we not jump to conclusions and collectively remain focused on the facts (as they emerge) of these terrible events.

The time for analysis and discussion will come soon enough; for now, we mourn our fallen comrades.

Stay safe.

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