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Proactive fire protection, ongoing code enforcement help prevent LODDs

While not everyone takes code enforcement seriously, this story is stark reminder that it remains deadly serious part of our business

Editor's note: A Philadelphia grand jury will investigate the Kensington blaze that killed two firefighters last week to determine if criminal charges are warranted against the building's owners. Chief Adam K. Thiel maintains that code enforcement is an important component of the fire service.

The tragic outcome of this incident in Philadelphia, and similar ones in other cities through the years, spotlights the importance of proactive fire protection and ongoing code enforcement for helping to prevent firefighter injuries and deaths.

While we often think of strategy and tactics when considering LODDs, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has included "Code Enforcement and Sprinklers" in its Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives since its inception.

While not everyone (in and outside the fire service) takes code enforcement seriously, this story is a stark reminder that it remains a deadly serious part of our business.

Take this opportunity to understand the relevant building/fire code enforcement agencies and processes in your jurisdiction; it could be a lifesaver.

Stay safe!

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