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5 Best new pieces of technology of 2012

Firefighting has become so much more than just a hoseline, turnout gear, and an apparatus. Technology has enhanced firefighting to make it safer, more secure, and in some cases educate. 

Below are the top 5 technological innovations of 2012 for firefighters.

'Bouncy ball' camera helps firefighters scope out danger

The bouncy ball camera can be rolled into unknown areas and can snap two photos per second and send them to a laptop or smartphone. 


SCBA gives firefighters 'bionic' vision

The new mask allows firefighters to see in the dark and smoky conditions and even keeps track of other firefighters in the area. 


Remote-controlled lifeguard robots

EMILY looks like a buoy but is actually a small watercraft fitted with a floatation device and can pick up drowning victims more quickly and safely than traditional lifeguards. 


Humanoid rescue robot navigates obstacles

The Pentagon-inspired robot is athletic enough to climb over blocks, jump and maintain blanace and even walk up and down stairs. 


High-tech video explains firefighter death

Using a sophisticated fire-modeling program to calculate movements of mass and energy, the technology can trace how a firefighter was killed while battling a fire. 


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