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Drunk Fla. man attacks fire truck, punches medic

The man was reportedly extremely intoxicated

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A Fla. man was arrested Sunday morning after he pounded on the hood of a fire truck and punched an off-duty paramedic in the head.

Preston Porter Calkins, 24, reportedly ran into the road in front of a fire truck that was responding to a call early Sunday morning and started pounding on the hood of the vehicle, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

After hitting the vehicle, Calkins climbed atop the side running boards and started swearing at the paramedics inside.

Police say Calkins was "extremely intoxicated".

An off-duty paramedic who was driving by stopped at the scene and rolled down his window to check on the paramedics when Calkins ran to the open window and cussed at the medic and repteadly punched him in the head until the other medics subdued him.

Calkins was arrested on charges of assault and battery during burglary.

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