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Minn. firefighters connect with local Somalis

The firefighters hope to educate the community and build a more understanding relationship with them and EMS

By Angela Davis
CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis firefighter has found a creative way to deal with a challenge that the entire fire department is facing.

Fire Captain Tracy Moore applied for a $20,000 grant geared towards connecting communities and won it. Her goal is to improve the fire department’s relationship with the Somali community, and reduce the number of misunderstandings that occur. Her method is through the children. As a fire captain, Moore is accustomed to training rookies but not teenagers. And these young people have something in common, they’re all of East African descent.

“The people in the Cedar/Riverside area, the east African community, they are new here and not sure when to call 911,” Moore said. “We had 110 calls last year for emergency medical response and a lot of those were for things like headaches or a cut finger, things that are really minor.”

Full story: Minneapolis Firefighters Connecting With Local Somalis

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