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The Legacy We Leave

AP Photo/Stephen Morton
Flowers are left outside a Charleston firehouse after the fire.

Different buildings

These same buildings rapidly deteriorate, and the fire spread is unlike what we see in Type III or Type V residential construction. The control of information and personnel demands the use of an incident command system. Not only do chief officers need to ensure such systems are put in place, line officers and firefighters have to expect them to be there and support their use for our own safety. A chief who establishes/uses a strong ICS system only to have his crews bypass the process will be less likely to use the system the next time. We can help ensure that our chiefs use and stick to the system by using it ourselves. Stop freelancing, report to staging, report to operations/sector commanders.

The fire service, thankfully, is made up of individuals who want to do something. In many departments we try to encourage and support that feeling, which is not a bad thing. At the same time it is very easy for each of us to get focused on the problem we see, and lose the big picture. It is only through training, experience, education and re-evaluation that we are able to grow so that we learn not to be fooled by what we see.

I often tell people that if their "gut" tells them something is wrong, it probably is and you probably need to reconsider your actions. If the task isn't working, we need to tell command so that they know that tactic is likely to fail and the strategy likely needs changing as well. Although personal ownership of a task is laudable in most cases, in our industry it can get you killed.

We also have to ensure that we bring enough people to the fight. Again our tactics and task have to match a strategy, a strategy that can only be established by those same tactics and tasks. If we don't have enough firefighters on the ground, then we need to change our strategies.

Ultimately we each have an opportunity to have a legacy. We can do it through training, support and our general efforts. Perhaps the best legacy we can leave can be found in each of our firefighters who safely end the day.

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