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DC firefighters focus on hydration during heat wave

Heat is taking a toll on emergency responders throughout the region

By Alex Trevino

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Having enough cool drinking water is essential and considered a critical supply that must be available for DC Firefighters under scorching temperatures.

The crew from Engine 22 was trying to remain hydrated as exhaustion started to kick in for some who were working a fire inside some Northwest apartments.

Lieutenant Kevin Donahue said, "We wear shorts and short sleeve shirts normally but, as soon as you put your gear on, you are just sealed up tight."

The sun beating down like a laser beam doesn't provide any relief and it's easy for a fully-equipped fireman rushing in the building up the stairwell to wear out.

"It's just a whole lot harder, it's just hotter, you tire out quicker," Donahue explained, "We are a crew, you are always looking out for each other, make sure that the guys drink."

The cause in undetermined but tenants tell us, trash bins on the 4th floor were deliberately set ablaze on Friday, too.

"You are putting people's lives at risk and that's a great concern," said Lowell Gillard.

Gillard told us he is grateful for the quick response and determined group of firefighters willing to put everything on the line to keep folks in his neighborhood safe.

Republished with permission from WUSA9.

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