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Use all your resources

Most candidates have many resources they can utilize for career guidance and advice. The problem is that many people are afraid to turn to those resources for help. In my opinion the number one mistake that candidates make is not seeking help and advice from others.

There is no reason to not utilize all the resources at your disposable. Friends, family members, friends of friends and your local firefighters, should all be sought out for assistance and advice. Yes, you will receive some conflicting information, and when you do you will need to decide what is right for you and what works best for you. So the next time someone offers you the chance to take a mock interview, or help train for the physical agility test, don't pass up the opportunity.

Candidates should also strongly consider seeking the advice from professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people get hired. Companies and services such as www.911interviews.com, exam prep like Chief Brent Collins (www.fireprep.com), coaches such as Captain Bob Smith, (www.eatstress.com), and fitness trainers like Dr. Jen Milus (www.FireAgility.com), are all at your disposal. All you need to do is call or write them. They offer a great deal of free advice as well as more individualized services that they will cater specifically to you.

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