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Firefighting Standards - NFPA 214

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NFPA 214

Standard on Water-Cooling Towers
NFPA 214 - Standard on Water-Cooling Towers

1.1.1* This standard applies to fire protection for field-erected and factory-assembled water-cooling towers of combustible construction or those in which the fill is of combustible material. 1.1.2* Fire Risk Analysis. The following are some of the factors that shall be considered in determining the extent and method of fire protection required for induced-draft and natural-draft cooling towers: (1) Importance to continuity of operation (2)* Size and construction of tower (3) Type of tower (4) Location of tower (5) Water supply (6) Value of tower (7) Climate (8)* Water delivery time (9) Environment (10) Rooftop towers (11) Limited access (12) Construction of materials (See 1.1.3.) 1.1.3 Construction Materials of Cooling Towers. When the cooling towers' structure, fan and distribution decks, louvers, and fill materials are all of noncombustible materials, no fire protection is required. If any of these are combustible materials and the factors in 1.1.2 necessitate it, fire protection shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 3 and towers shall be located in accordance with Chapter 2. All other chapters shall be considered mandatory requirements.

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