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Firefighting Standards - NFPA 225

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NFPA 225

Model Manufactured Home Installation Standard
NFPA 225 - Model Manufactured Home Installation Standard

1.1* Scope. This model standard shall cover the installation of manufactured homes wherever sited in the United States and its territories. The manufacturer’s installation instructions shall apply under either of the following conditions: (1) To items not covered by this standard (2) Where the manufacturer’s approved installation instructions provide a specific method of performing a specific operation or assembly A.1.1 Utilization of this standard by the homeowner and installation crew and use of a registered professional engineer in those unusual circumstances as required by this standard will help ensure the homeowner of a well-built, safe, and affordable home. This standard contains instructions, including specifications and procedures, for installation of utility connections of a manufactured home. It has been written in an objective manner so that it can be understood by those who are trained in the installation of manufactured homes and who are properly licensed. It discusses the installation of the home from preparation of the site through final inspection. It includes many tables and figures giving important data for proper installation.

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