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Firefighting Standards - NFPA 1620

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NFPA 1620

Recommended Practice for Pre-Incident Planning
NFPA 1620 - Recommended Practice for Pre-Incident Planning

1.1 Scope This document provides criteria for evaluating the protection, construction, and operational features of specific occupancies to develop a pre-incident plan that should be used by responding personnel to manage fires and other emergencies in such occupancies using the available resources. 1.1.1 Chapter 1 through Chapter 10 of this document provide general information, philosophies, and principles that might or might not be applicable to all occupancies. 1.1.2* The authority having jurisdiction should determine the level of planning appropriate for the jurisdiction and the property being pre-planned. 1.1.3 Chapter 11 through Chapter 20 provide information addressing special or unique characteristics of specific occupancy classifications.

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