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High-impact training at Fire-Rescue International

At Fire Rescue International, HIT will focus on Stress Exposure Training a high impact, fast-paced, hands-on class which gives participant the ability to understand the connection of the mind and body to the physical and environmental stressors found on the fireground. Participants will understand the effects stress has on an individuals performance and decision making ability. This training program exposes participants to simulated stressors and increases their baseline stress awareness level. The goal is to prepare participants to the real world stressors found in emergency incidents. Learn more:

The latest model of the turnout gear offers improved fit and increased range of motion
The spreaders include removal tips and shark-like teeth to grip material
The hood includes a mask mate face opening that fit the shape of SCBA masks
The trailer has a generator, back up battery power and can fill 5.5 cylinders at once