Top 5 firefighting videos of January 2017

This month’s top videos included jetpack-equipped firefighters and several training videos

By FireRescue1 Staff

Clips ranging from radio traffic training and how firefighters are using water jetpacks to battle fires were included in this month’s top firefighting videos. Also featured are clips on whether a firefighter will float or sink, and an apartment fire captured on one firefighter’s dash cam. 

1. Video: Dubai firefighters use jetpacks to battle fires
The jetski-jetpack uses water from Dubai’s bay to propel firefighters and to fight fires.

2. Reality Training: Proper radio traffic
Chief Wylie discusses radio traffic decorum and why firefighters must practice self-control.

3. Red light runners: Worst of 2016
This video features some of the worst clips of drivers running red lights in 2016.

4. Do firefighters float or sink?
Testing the myth that a firefighter will actually float in water despite the additional weight of full turnout gear and SCBA.

5. Dash cam: Calif. firefighters battle apartment fire
Oakland firefighters responded to an apartment fire Jan. 6, 2017.


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