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Tucson's victory over MRSA

We owe it to everyone we come in contact with to diligently work to keep pathogens from spreading

Editor's Note: Chief Adam K. Thiel looks at containing the threat of MRSA.

Congratulations to the Tucson Fire Department and a hearty thank you for Chief Nied's leadership to raise awareness of MRSA nationwide.

Unfortunately, I've had several experiences with MRSA in departments where I've worked. It's an insidious pathogen that our firefighters and EMS personnel can encounter, and spread, in many places they go; including the station, training facilities, and almost anywhere else.

The TFD and its research partners have produced several reports with great suggestions for reducing the potential for contracting MRSA.

As you can see from this story — their prevention efforts are working.

Beyond the mandatory infectious disease training we should all receive each year, we owe it to ourselves, our brother and sister firefighters, and our families to build awareness and take proactive steps to prevent MRSA and other pathogens from spreading.

Stay safe (and healthy)!

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