Fire helicopter soaks firefighters in sewage

The Australian firefighters were battling a blaze when a helicopter unloaded partially-treated sewage on them

By David Moye
The Huffington Post

PORT MACQUARIE, Australia — Firefighters face enough crap on the job without getting drenched in raw sewage.

That's what happened to 29 firefighters in rural Australia after a water-bombing helicopter mistakenly sprayed partially-treated sewage onto them while they were battling a blaze near the city of Port Macquarie, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The sewage was scooped up by a chopper from a treatment pool and when it emptied the excrement-soaked H2O on to the blaze, the poo goo also splashed the firemen and their equipment, according to Cam Baker, the Rural Fire Service regional fire controller.

Full story: Sewage Spray From Fire Helicopter Soaks Australian Firefighters

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