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Calif. department takes Health Week to heart

Editor's note: The NVFC's second annual National Firefighter Health Week comes to a close Friday. Visit FireRescue1's full coverage page for resources and tips to help keep your department healthy year round.

By Jamie Thompson
FireRescue1 Editor

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. — While the National Firefighter Health Week is an initiative sponsored by the NVFC, career firefighters across the country have been involved as much as their volunteer counterparts.

The Hermosa Beach, Calif., Firefighters Association, IAFF local 3371 invited health professionals in the areas of fitness, nutrition, stress management and heart health to give talks to their membership, which consists of full-time-paid association members and some reserve fire and ems personnel.

Brian Grebbien, president of the Hermosa Beach Firefighters Association, said, "The Hermosa Beach Firefighters are proud to serve as fire and emergency first responders to the citizens of Hermosa Beach.

"We are also dedicated to providing on-demand mutual-aide support to our neighboring cities. Because of this, our membership is involved in continuous health and wellness education to stay on top of the important issues that arise for firefighters as they strive to protect their own health."

Among the featured speakers to the Hermosa Beach firefighters were Michael Richman, a cardiothoracic/vascular surgeon and lipid specialist at The Center for Cholesterol Management in Los Angeles, Peter Carter, who is aligned with public safety departments throughout Los Angeles and is a strong advocate for emotional wellbeing and health within the police and fire service, and Edward Connaughton, who specializes in live food nutrition and teaches individuals and groups how to incorporate live foods in their daily diet.

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