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Heavy Rescue

The Heavy Rescue topic covers news about emergency, mass casualty, extreme, and natural disaster situations, including tips and information about how to navigate these emergencies and new and emerging heavy rescue tools and technology.

A carnival crisis, cliffhangers, underground escapes and fiery extractions: First responders answered the call in 2023
Firefighters used a tow truck rotator and ladder tower to rescue two people hanging over the side of the interstate
Members of the Seminole County Fire Department’s large animal rescue team responded after the cow got stuck trying to get a drink from a nearby pond
What to expect as task forces deploy to hurricane ravaged areas
The Madison Fire Department’s Heavy Urban Rescue Team assisted the DeForest Fire Department and Sun Prairie EMS
The truck was lifted by the town’s rescue engine and the patient was freed within 10 minutes of the first responders’ arrival
After hammering rain, 80 to 100 vehicles became trapped between two mudslides on a Canadian highway
The driver said he put the rescue truck in neutral and “activated the parking brake” before exiting the apparatus, according to the sheriff’s office
Watertown must now give firefighters out-of-title captains’ pay when they perform captains’ duties while out on medical emergency calls
Eric Jabbusch, 51, was rescued after being pinned beneath about 10,000 pounds of steel sheet pilings in July 2020
“This was a highly technical, very dangerous, complicated rescue,” FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph Ferrante said
A police chief, a police lieutenant and a firefighter worked together to get the family to safety
Battle Creek responders rescued a man trapped waist-deep inside the trench in 100-degree temperatures
Surfside condo collapse search concludes after a month of work with 97 individuals confirmed dead
“We kept hoping that we would find somebody somewhere, but it didn’t work out that way,” Pittsburgh Bureau Fire Captain said of Surfside aid mission