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Hurricane Harvey

Key players explain the hallmarks of the new system – and why simplicity is key
The purchase comes six months after Hurricane Harvey’s flooding, which exposed glaring inadequacies in the Houston Fire Department’s high-water rescue fleet
The donations come as the department waits for bond money that voters approved, which won’t be available until next year
Garry Blackmon, who never dreamed of becoming a firefighter, became the Houston Fire Department’s first full-time paid fire chaplain
Most of the firefighting equipment in Port Aransas was damaged or destroyed by Harvey
Jim McIngvale, better known as Mattress Mack, flew 40 Hurricane Harvey responders, military veterans and die-hard Astros fans to Game 6
FEMA Administrator Brock Long said recovering from the recent spate of disasters will be tremendously expensive
A class-action lawsuit stated toxins were found in soil, water and ash, violating environmental protection laws
Six more first responders joined the case, saying they’ve suffered from everything from burning eyes to bronchitis following the explosions
The U.S. Chemical Safety Board released the grim photos of containers at the Arkema plant
The department lost 28 pieces of equipment during the storm, including six engines that cost around $500,000 each
The combined tab from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is expected to hit $200 billion or more
Eddie Wu drove for 17 hours, served meals for 44 more, then drove back home in time to see his kids off on their first day of school
Proper PPE and cleaning measures are necessary to protect firefighters wading through chemicals, biological biohazards and disease-causing microorganisms
Sources said as the flood hit the city, around 3,000 firefighters were told to stay home
J.R. Atkins said he recognized the symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis immediately after a mosquito bite became infected
A group of 25 firefighters made the drive south to help more than 150 firefighters who lost their homes due to Hurricane Harvey
The suit alleges Arkema failed to properly store the estimated 18 tons of chemicals that burned or prepare for a major flood even though it was a foreseeable event
The safety product company donated almost 100,000 PPE pieces to support responders in the region impacted by the storm
Some firefighters and paramedics face the task of jumping from one disaster to preparing for potentially another as their home state readies for a possible hit
A group of firefighters were shot at while conducting search and rescue operations
Whataburger tweeted the moment a New York responder tried their classic double meat burger
Many of the deaths happened when people were caught in quickly rising floodwaters or lost control on water-logged roads
The governor said the destruction wrought by Harvey far exceeds both Superstorm Sandy and Katrina
Here are some ways you can help give back to first responders affected by Hurricane Harvey
Academy Sports and Outdoors has hosted more than 400 responders who have traveled from all over the country to help victims in need
Officials were concerned some residents might still be waiting to be rescued after several days of flooding
It’s estimated that 80 percent of firefighters in one department have lost their homes