Bighorn Sheep Prescribed Burn (Prescribed Fire)

Fire managers on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Roosevelt National Forest are monitoring conditions in the Poudre Canyon to conduct prescribed fire operations at the Bighorn Sheep Prescribed burn this winter/early spring. Bighorn Sheep Prescribed Burn: Located on the north side of the Poudre Canyon near the Roaring Creek Trailhead, approximately eight miles west of Rustic.The project is 636 acres, with 85% of these acres on National Forest System lands and the other 15% on Colorado Parks and Wildlife lands.It is anticipated a minimum of 15 firefighters will staff this burn.This winter, burning would take place when south facing slopes within the project area has minimal to no snow and north facing slopes have snow cover to contain the burn. Appropriate conditions must be met before ignition of prescribed burns can take place. Fire managers are carefully monitoring these conditions, including a favorable weather forecast (temperature, wind, precipitation, etc.), fuel...

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