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K-9 Drogon is a member of South Dakota Task Force 1, which is a statewide emergency resource, available for call-out 24/7
USAR TF-8’s cattle dog, Staffordshire bull terrier mix works to rescue live victims
Doris Jagiello disappeared when a downpour struck a recently burned area
“My dog picked up the track right away from where Jacob was last seen in the woods,” said Windsor Assistant Fire Chief Callie Mallory
A member of the Greensburg Fire Department Bloodhound Team, Sophy was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease caused by a pituitary tumor
The now five trained K-9s cover the entire state of Florida, traveling to where they’re needed
Wes Weysham, a retired firefighter-paramedic, Navy veteran, and volunteer K-9 search and rescue handler, was honored at a funeral service this week
Horry County Fire Rescue firefighter Carl Hall said he returned to his vehicle after leaving the German Shepherd in the back and found that she was missing
Just after search and rescue dog teams returned home from Harvey and Irma, they set back out to rescue victims from more disasters
Timmy, 11, was a founding member of Pattenburg Volunteer Fire Company’s K-9 unit and served since 2009
Ashly was trained to sniff out more than 20 materials that can be used to set fires
A long-running grant program is one option for adding a K-9 arson tool to fire or police agencies
The SUV carrying two K9’s caught fire as it was heading to a prison complex; officers got one dog out but couldn’t save the other