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Follow the rules

Submitted by Tom Knight
Hepzibah Fire Department, Georgia

It seems some departments think they have a better idea than those passed down by the NFPA. The NFPA spends a great deal of time and money determining what is safe and what is not.

I think, based on the number of firefighter deaths that occur each year, that it is time to get on board with the national safety standards that are established.

It seems reasonable that an organization like the NFPA should be trusted to provide guidelines, which once given out should be worthy of departments acknowledgement and general implementation.

Sure some departments may be limited as far as funding to fully implement every recommendation. But when it comes to safety issues, those standards should be a priority and the cities and counties around this country should be expected to ensure their departments comply when budget time comes along.

Local and state governments that do not insist and support compliance by the departments should face loss of funding while those who do promote safety compliance should be rewarded.

It is time for the American firefighter to be protected as much as possible by the people entrusted by the public to make decisions for governing.

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