Bar owner files complaint about firefighters' ‘shocking, appalling,’ behavior

The bar owner claimed the firefighters refused to leave and bullied him

By FireRescue1 Staff

DENVER — A bar owner filed a complaint with the Denver Fire Department that claimed a group of firefighters taunted and bullied him when he asked them to leave due to illegal drinking.

CBS Denver reported that Stuart Jensen, co-owner of Curio Bar, asked the off-duty firefighters to leave when he found them drinking liquor they had brought into the bar at a community table.

“They were very loud and vulgar, to the point of causing other patrons to become uneasy,” Jensen said.

He said the firefighters refused to leave, saying they were going to stay and wait for their food to arrive.

“As a bar owner, we are in constant fear of violating our liquor license. There are undercover stings and severe consequences that result from us violating our terms in any way,” Jensen said. “The fact that a group of government employees would come into my business and behave in a manner that clearly violates those terms, and then insult us when we try to take recourse, is unacceptable.”

Jensen said that he called the police, but before they arrived a group of firefighters in uniform arrived and joined the off-duty crew. He claimed the group heckled him about the police, saying they weren’t going to do anything.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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