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Insights on Fire Rescue Equipment

Buying fire-fighting rescue equipment is not easy. To help, we've put together this special section that takes a look at nontraditional funding sources and examines how to get the most out of the used rescue equipment market. We also asked industry experts and readers to talk about some great rescue equipment improvements and some they hope to see in the near future. Stay safe.

Exclusive Coverage

Extrication tools: What the experts say The automotive industry seems to roll out new safety features, new fuel sources and new configurations each year. This has kept both firefighters and extrication manufacturers trying to keep up. Full Story
Extrication tools: What you want We asked readers to throw off the constraints of money and physics and tell us what improvements they want to see in extrication tools. And dream they did. Full Story
Tools for tech rescue response Firefighters are now expected to perform at least basic rescues. Here's the training and equipment you will need to meet those expectations. Full Story
Hybrid vehicle extrication made simple Rescues from hybrid vehicles present a set of unique safety and technical challenges. To work around this, rescuers must learn some fundamentals. Full Story

Featured Survey

In early November of 2012, FireRescue1 presented responders with a survey on rescue equipment. Read up on the results.


Featured Video

POWER HAWK Rescue Systems in Action
Get a close look at some of the self-contained and portable Power Hawk rescue tools and extrication systems; the P-16 rescue tool, P-40 ram, Power Winch and more.
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