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FireRescue1 Year in Review 2012

2012 has been a year packed full of amazing rescues, horrific tragedies, and poignant moments. Join us as we look back on 2012's most powerful and striking stories. Read first-person accounts, hear from our expert columnists, and catch some of the top videos of the year.


Top 10 firefighting stories of 2012 Take a walk down memory lane as we give a rundown of the top read, commented on, and shared stories of FireRescue1. We dug through our archives and sifted through our stats for these top picks. Full Story

Exclusive Coverage

4 tactical firefighting lessons from 2012 By Jason Hoevelmann
There are four key areas of fireground tactics to keep front and center as we enter 2013, as 2012 has taught us, that we must expect fire on every call and that the unexpected will happen. Full Story
5 interesting products from 2012 and 5 I hope to see in 2013 By Robert Avsec
Fire and EMS product manufacturers are constantly coming up with new tools to help us do our job and this year was no different. There were no shortage of 2012 advances, and several stood out. Full Story
4 key changes for volunteers in 2012 By Philip C. Stittleburg
Continuing focus on recruitment, retention and leadership will be critical for the volunteer fire and EMS service in 2013, as federal funding is in a constant state of flux and with a rapidly declining number of volunteers in the US. Full Story
5 predictions for the fire service in 2013 By Dennis Rubin
From how we fight fires to the trucks that get us there to how we structure command once on scene, 2013 will be a time of change. The role of firefighting always evolving and there will undoubtedly be major mix-ups in the coming year. Full Story
Editor's note: Looking back on 2012 By Rick Markley
By joining FireRescue1, I'm able to serve all firefighters. It is an awesome responsibility, but also provides me that sense of fulfillment that assisting firefighters in developing countries does or responding to calls in my community does. Full Story

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Best of 2012

First-Person Perspective Series

How I survived internal decapitation – and got to thank those who saved me
A year after Rachel Bailey severed her skull from her spine during a car accident, she got to meet her rescuers in September to say, 'Thank you.'

Surrounded by Detroit gunfire: The night our ambulance broke down
Wisam R Zeineh recalls the moment he and his partner were trapped in a broken-down ambulance as almost constant gunfire rang out around them in Detroit on New Year's Eve.
Witnessing the 'devil': Standing eye to eye with a fire tornado
While scouting for a movie shoot location, filmmaker Chris Tangey unexpectedly comes across a rare natural phenomenon: the fire whirl. 
The brute force save: How we lifted a car off trapped man
Damon Simmons looks back at a call in January when firefighters had to use brute strength to lift up a 3,200-pound car and free a man pinned under it.
Facing the storm: Saving homes and lives during Sandy
Capt. Sebastian Danese recounts the heroic efforts of evacuating residents and during Hurricane Sandy and battling the largest residential fire in FDNY history.

Top 10 firefighting photos of 2012

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