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FDNY widow settles for $10M; 80-foot flames at Calif industrial fire | May 21, 2012

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Warning: Please do not feed the firefighters
Saving up to buy a new fire truck can cost more
The Kitchen Table Blog Visit FlashoverTV.com Subscribe Volume 673May 21, 2012
News Spotlight
Ga. city uses fire codes to raze dilapidated structures
A city in Georgia has embarked on an aggressive program of using the city’s fire code to declare abandoned properties safety hazards if owners — often banks and absentee investors — refuse to keep them secure and maintained. Abandoned houses and apartments are magnets for criminals and vagrants, and an extreme hazard for firefighters. The city has six more properties on its hit list that should come down in within three weeks. Identified 827 structures
Featured News
1 FF injured in huge pallet yard fire
Featured News
One firefighter was hospitalized for heat-related illness after responding to a five-alarm fire raging in a Calif. pallet yard Saturday. Hundreds of stacks of pallets were ablaze and the fire covered a 4-acre area. (Image NBC News)
80-foot flames
Today's Top Stories:
FDNY widow settles Deutche Bank suit for $10M: Safety violations came to light after husband's death; contractor, city faulted
Pa. lawsuit against union could spend months in court system: Union was court-ordered to stop encouraging a boycott of fire services
City ignored warnings in FF discrimination suit
Audit: LAFD EMS response 12 seconds slower
Union cooperation necessary for ambulance merger
'Hot Shot' crew leads fight against wildfire
News Analysis:
Families of fallen Japanese firefighters need help
By Chief Adam K. Thiel, FR1 Editorial Advisor
Did you know this many Japanese firefighters were killed a little more than a year ago during the Great East Japan Earthquake? The sheer size and scope of that tragedy, combined with the overall courage and resilience of the Japanese people as a whole, overshadowed the heroism of these firefighters who did their duty in spite of the extreme circumstances, and paid the ultimate price. Unfortunate reminder
Firehouse Funnies
Warning: Please do not feed the firefighters
By Will Wyatt, FR1 Columnist
Navigating the social labyrinth of eating out can be a tricky endeavor. But try staying in to eat and you'll discover a whole new world of not-so-savory food items like peanut brittle lasagna. There's always pizza
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Line-Of-Duty Deaths
 Texas volunteer firefighter dies
William Richard Danes - May 17, 2012 - College Park, Texas
Visit the LODD section on FR1
The Rehab Zone
Diabetic firefighters: Spot it and fix it
By Ken Lavelle, FR1 Columnist
As of the latest edition of NFPA 1582-2007, diabetics are permitted to be firefighters within a set of strict standards. There are steps to ensure they are healthy and productive on scene.
Managing the diabetic firefighter
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FR1 Exclusive
Saving up to buy a new fire truck can cost more
By John Hill, FR1 Contributor
The decision to save is usually based on avoiding the costs of borrowing, or paying interest. And while interest can add up to 25 percent onto the cost of a new truck, the choice to save is not free. Sometimes it can exceed the cost of borrowing to buy now. Cost vs. cost
FR1 Video
Exercises in distraction: A firehouse prank
A junior firefighter is kept busy with a repetitive task and doesn't notice when he's about to get hosed.
Pa. firefighters chase hidden fire
Firefighters go after a hidden fire on the second floor and attic at this residential structure fire.
View more fire videos at FlashoverTV.com
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The IAFC Foundation will award three qualified individuals with a three-year scholarship to attend the Company Officer Leadership Symposium program at Fire-Rescue International this August in Denver, CO. The scholarship will provide registration for each year of the three-year program. The deadline for application is June 1.
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