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FFs win Mega Millions to save brother; Learning how to burn down cities | April 4, 2012

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Fire safety advice from colonial America
Instant replay for the fire service
The Kitchen Table Blog Visit FlashoverTV.com Subscribe Volume 660 — April 4, 2012
News Spotlight
Man indicted for murder in arson that killed firefighter
A grand jury has indicted a man on murder charges for allegedly igniting a fire that inadvertently caused a W. Va. volunteer firefighter to slip from a bridge and fall to his death. Charles Darren Roberts, 37, faces charges of third-degree arson, fourth-degree arson and first-degree murder for setting fire to a tire near the bridge. Joey King, 61, a Davis Creek volunteer firefighter, slipped and fell while investigating the blaze.
Claims he can "get out of charges"
Featured News
Tornado-wrecked Dallas begins assessing damage
Featured News
A Forney firefighter walks in front of a Texas home that was damaged after a tornado swept through the area Tuesday. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez) After the storm
Today's Top Stories:
NM firefighters win Mega Millions, help to save colleague's life: 5 Albuquerque firefighters bought ticket minutes before sales closed
Ex-marshal guilty in Conn. bribe scam: Accused of offering to take care of traffic tickets for half the price, forging prosecutor initials
W.Va. official frustrated by state's fire history
NYC hit-and-run firefighter to avoid jail time
W.Va. officials apologize for incorrect fire victim info
Report: New NYC 911 system slows response times
News Analysis:
Ask about your personal and departmental disaster preparedness
By Adam K. Thiel, FR1 Editorial Advisor
Regardless of whether tornadoes are frequent or rare where you live and work, it's probably a good time to ask some questions about your personal and departmental preparedness for such an event. As many of us in the Eastern United States learned during the August 2011 earthquake, just because a disaster event is unlikely, doesn't mean it's not going to happen to you someday. Some things to consider
A Shared History
Learning to burn down cities
By Bruce Hensler, FR1 Columnist
Using fire science to ensure fires spread seems to run against everything the fire service stands for. But in war, strange things happen. See how the Allies used their knowledge of firefighting in planning air raids over Europe. Fire as a weapon
A Century of Engineering for the Bravest
CET Fire Pumps designs, engineers, manufactures and delivers portable fire fighting pumps, compressed air foam systems, skid units, foam trailers, glider kits, water tanks and urban interface brush fire fighting vehicles.
Line-Of-Duty Deaths
 LA fire captain dies while leading training
Capt. David Bailey - April 3, 2012 - Los Angeles
Visit the LODD section on FR1
Community Focus
Fire safety advice from colonial America
By Tom Kiurski, FR1 Columnist
He helped harness electricity, invented products used for centuries and started this country's first volunteer fire service. Ben Franklin was also a proponent, and practitioner, of fire prevention. Many of his principles are still relevant.
Modern application
How Does C4i Protect You from Network Failure?
Watch C4i’s video to learn about complete network redundancy. Also see why C4i’s integrated IP radio/telephony dispatch system is more reliable, interoperable, works with all radio systems including P25, supports many interfaces, and is ready for any future requirement a customer may have.
Volunteer Professionals
Instant replay for the fire service
By Jason Zigmont, FR1 Columnist
Most times the video is "ooo'd" and "aah'd" at, but is it used effectively as a quality-improvement tool? There are ways that every service can use videos effectively and avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to a flood of bad publicity. Filled with peril
FR1 Video
African firefighters lose nozzle
Ill-equipped and poorly trained, these African firefighters struggle to control a blaze that killed eight.
Naval Research Lab's firefighting robot
The Naval Research Lab demonstrates how its firefighting robot can work with a human.
View more fire videos at FlashoverTV.com
343x110 = Never Forget
Climb with fellow firefighters to remember a fallen 9-11 hero at the FDIC or CFSI 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb. This is not a timed event or race; it is a way to honor firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001.
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ZICO to Give Away Three Quic-Bar Tools at FDIC 2012
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