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FireGrantsHelp eNewsletter December 2012

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FireGrants Help Newsletter
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Dear Member,

When writing that pesky letter of inquiry to get the ball rolling on grant opportunities, don't use the space to tell the funding source your life story. In this month's eNews, we advise that less is more, and being concise will make a stronger argument.

And you had to be living under a rock to not have heard about the looming 'Fiscal Cliff'. Here's how to take responsibility before we all end up diving over the edge.

From all of us here at FireGrantsHelp.com, we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

One last reminder: the clock is ticking on the FP&S deadline! Make sure you get grant writing help today.

The FGH Team

Less can be more when it comes to grants
By Janet Smith
Completing a letter of inquiry is often the first step for department leaders seeking out grant opportunities with government, foundations or corporate funding sources. While one might think that more reasons make for a better argument to win the financial award, conciseness is best.
255 characters or less
Taking responsibility before falling off the 'Fiscal Cliff'
By Jerry Brant
Across the country, everyone is starting to pay closer attention to the pending "Fiscal Cliff" and the potential effect it may have on them. For those of you that may not be familiar with this term, here is a brief explanation.
Nero fiddled while Rome burned

 Scott Safety pledges $10,000 to NVFC
 Medical company to donate $100k to Ga. dept.
 Mich. fire department lands SAFER grant
 Mich. dept. poised to receive $736,000 grant
 City has 'healthy cash balance' yet lays off firefighters
 Texas vol. dept. receives 3 grants

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