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Rehab and Revitalize
Pulse CO-oximeter Utilization in the Emergency Scene Rehab Area
Emergency scene operations are dangerous for rescue personnel, and every opportunity to improve the safety of the working emergency provider should be utilized. A new tool has been developed that will significantly improve the ability to assess the wellbeing of emergency workers, by instantly detecting elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

The Pulse CO-oximeter is intended to improve scene safety ... Full Column

The Rehab Sector
What About Mental and Emotional Rehab?
Pull up a chair and listen to one of my firehouse stories. There is both irony and destiny in what took place on the evening of May 31, 2000. I had announced my retirement from the City of Mason (Ohio) Fire Department back in March. For 20 years I had been a volunteer, then part-time employee, of the fire department in my hometown.

For the last five years, I held the rank of Station 52 captain ... Full Column

Fire Medicine
Serious About Rehab in 2007
It takes twice as long to conceive and birth a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard than a full-term healthy baby. On Dec. 22 last year, a draft, "Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises," was released for comment. Known affectionately as NFPA 1584 ... Full Column

Register for Lethal Exposure at EMS Today!

ALMOST SOLD OUT! Join a panel of experts on Wednesday, March 7th from 1PM to 5PM at EMS Today for "Lethal Exposure", a special pre-conference session on protecting yourself and your patients. You could WIN a RAD-57 Pulse Co-oximeter for your department (valued at $3,995).

The session - featuring Dr. James Augustine (Atlanta Fire), Dr. Bryan Bledsoe (noted textbook author), Dr. Don Walsh (Chicago Fire) and fire dept. representatives from across the country - will address how to detect, recognize and treat carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning.

Dr. Bledsoe will introduce his new "Noninvasive Respiratory Gas Curriculum" covering oximetry, co-oximetry, capnography and transcutaneous monitoring, and paramedics from across the county will present recent cases of exposure and how they managed the cases.

--> Sign up today and attend the session!

FireRehab Tip
Steps for dealing with environmental heat

Here is a very brief plan of action for quickly dealing with the escalating effects of environmental heat:

Heat Cramps: Replenish fluid and sodium balance with foods and drinks that contain electrolytes, such as sports drinks or salted snack foods ... Full Column

News and Announcements:

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
[Courtesy of 49 ABC News]

Agencies combine forces to create CO hazard awareness
[Fire Rehab Staff Report]

MFRI Report on Fire Training Safety Provides Useful Guidelines
[Fire Rehab Staff Report]

Carbon Monoxide death: A father's grief
[Courtesy of]

Heavy snow accumulation leads to carbon monoxide emergencies
[Burlington, Vt.]

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