Jan. 2011
Volume 25

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The Rehab Training Center
pH and firefighters: The delicate balance

If your body's pH balance is too low or too high, the body subjects itself to disease and in some cases death. If you have a normal acid-base balance — homeostasis — then your body will be able to defend itself against not only cancer but also other diseases. With the cancer rate among firefighters seemingly increasing dramatically, testing your pH level is as important as ever. Here's how to do it

Fireground Medical Operations
Cold injuries: Frostnip, frostbite and cold immersion foot

In some ways, performing rehab in the warm months is easier — we can cool with fans and cool water, shade and often just the simple act of sitting with your gear off. However rehab in the winter months is much more of a challenge. We also have additional conditions to be on the lookout for — cold-related injuries. Avoid permanent damage
Rehab and Revitalize
Rehab reflections on 2010

It may seem a long time, but it was a brutal summer, ending in September when Los Angeles posted an all-time record high of 112 F. It was also around this time when the NFPA published the Loss of Life data for 2009, and the record shows a significant decrease in deaths related to fire rescue activities. What these stats mean
Introducing "The Silent Killer," narrated by Randolph Mantooth - Johnny Gage from "Emergency!"
"The Silent Killer" is a dramatic new educational video aimed at raising awareness of the duty-related dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and reducing the known risk factors that unnecessarily kill or injure first responders each year. Watch the video and order free DVD copies online at
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Fire Rehabilitation News:

6 firefighters ill after responding to Pa. church

1 dead, 8 ill in suspected carbon monoxide leak in Vt.

W.Va. rescuers praised for response to CO poisoning

FDNY EMTs 'accidently' find CO leak, save 10 people

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