Nov. 2010
Volume 24

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The Rehab Training Center
The missing link in firefighter rehab

One of the least understood and least talked about areas of firefighter rehab is also one of the most crucial parts. In the fire service, we have placed a lot of focus on physical fitness which is a critical element, but what we put into our body is even more important.
Choose refreshments wisely

Fireground Medical Operations
'Just a routine fire'

A case in my home state 14 years ago that has stuck with me throughout my career. A deputy chief with 36 years of experience died in the line of duty after his department responded to a fire in a fast food restaurant. All involved reported during the subsequent investigation that it was "just a routine fire."
Unexpected killer chemical
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Fire Rehabilitation News:

Longtime Texas firefighter rehab service may end

Mass. Fire-EMS agency targets carbon-monoxide poisoning

Heart test used to screen firefighters in Maine

Researchers test firefighter cooling tech in Pa.

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