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FireRescue1 Member News - Volume 106 - Dec. 13, 2006

FireRescue1 FireRescue1
Member News
December 13, 2006
Volume 106

More than 3,000 firefighters battle Australia blaze

Photo of the Week: How's this for a Hess Truck?

Long Island New York firefighters refab an engine in the image of a vintage Hess model. Full story (Photo by Steve Silverman)

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Dozens of wildfires burning Tuesday across southern Australia destroyed more than a dozen homes and a popular ski lodge, while residents in a suburb of the western city of Perth were urged to flee a blaze.
More than 3,000 firefighters were working to contain the fires in four states, with the worst centered in Victoria and the island state of Tasmania ... Full Story

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Australia may call on US firefighters to aid in arresting blaze

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Firefighter Note to Self
How Will You Vote?
Last week, I wrote about the sad state of affairs when a city needs to hire a new chief but does not promote from within the department ... even when there's someone within the department who is very qualified and ready to take the position. Being that I'm a volunteer myself, I thought I should address this issue with all the volunteers out there ... Full Column

From the Pages of FireRescue Magazine
The Icemen Cometh
The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) prides itself on being the nation's premier maritime agency, and is perhaps best known for its search and rescue (SAR) operations. The USCG maintains many different types of SAR programs, one of which involves ice rescue. But this particular program would not be fully successful without the participation of firefighters and ... Full Article

FireRescue1 Tip
Get a Grip!
My department issues a personal strap to supression personnel. You would recognize the material as that webbing used for various rescue applications. The strap comes with a manual that lists its various uses, is at least 6 ft. and has loop handles sewn at each end ... Full Tip

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The 3rd annual FireRescue Expo was a huge success filled with quality education, top-notch speakers, great exhibitor displays and plenty of social events. Attendees packed the session rooms to learn about the best new practices & techniques, the hands-on training was filled to capacity, and our sponsors and exhibitors went above and beyond. We're already planning for 2007 so check the website for updates!

News and Announcements:

Press Release:
ARI-HETRA Introduces A Complete Line Of Heavy-Duty Equipment Tools

Questions remain in crash of Calif. medevac helicopter
[Cajon Summit, Calif.]

Calif. man to face trial for wildfires
[Porterville, Calif.]

N.J. Firefighters need help to save own firehouse from blaze next door
[Plainfield, N.J.]

Texas fire 'hero' convicted of arson
[Abilene, Texas]
Line-of-Duty Death

Pa. firefighter dies during long night of calls
Name: Thomas J. Hays
Date: December 7
City: Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Cause: Hays, who responded to the first call of the night with the other members of his department, was later found dead at home in bed by his fellow firefighters — Full Story

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News and Announcements:

Press Release:
Milliken and Fechheimer Introduce New Line of Performance Public Safety Uniforms
[Fechheimer Brothers Company]

Mo. group home slated for license removal before fatal blaze
[Jefferson City, Mo.]

Fighting fires is 'family business' for Tenn. brothers, father
[Chattanooga, Tenn.]

$5,000 worth of toys destined for children with cancer stolen from Fla. firefighters
[Broward, Fla.]

Ore. firefighters exercise talents during water rescue
[Hillsboro, Ore.]

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