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FireRescue1 Member News - Volume 312 - December 03, 2008

FR1 Weekly
Member News
Dec. 3, 2008
Volume 312
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Featured News
Study highlights mutual aid reliance
More than 50 percent of fire departments in the United States rely on mutual aid to boost the number of responders at incidents, according to a new survey. Staffing levels were among a range of challenges highlighted in the survey by ISO. Chiefs polled also outlined recruiting and training difficulties, as well as water service issues. Full Article
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IAFC announces strategic plan for mutual aid
Featured Photo
Cumberland, RI, firefighters attack a fire at a one-story salon. Flames were so intense that firefighters were unable to enter the building. (Photo Phil Sullivan/WellInvolved.com)

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Our FireAde 2000 firefighting agent renders flammable liquids inert protecting you and your firefighters. Its cooling properties prevent re-ignition and it uses a positive charge to attract and lock up negative hydrocarbon molecules. This creates a cocoon of separation within the molecules of the flammable liquid, snuffing out the fire by making the liquid or other material incapable of burning.

Learn how to effectively snuff out class B fires
View from Across the Pond
Public servants are a special breed. They should respect each other and support each other. Their actions at a scene should be integrated and seamless. For me, it is embarrassing to see cops arresting firefighters and medics at a scene.
Art "ChiefReason" Goodrich in 'Scene Safety Above All Else.'
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The UK Aerial Debate – Part 1
By Steve Dudeney, FireRescue1 columnist
In the early days of organized firefighting in the UK, there were firemen who manned the manual pumps and escape men who manned "street fire escapes." These were 50 ft. wheeled ladders that were strategically located on street corners with a watchman who, with the help of passers-by, would wheel a ladder to rescue those trapped within the burning building.

In essence, early organized firefighting and rescue in England's capital was carried out in a manner similar to that recognized today only in the United States and Canada — namely engine men carrying out the firefighting and ladder men carrying out the rescue work. Full Column
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Who is the toughest member of your battalion? Argus4 thermal imaging cameras have been especially designed for firefighters like you. At less than 3 lbs, the cameras are extremely lightweight and compact. They can come with an up to x4 zoom, a high-resolution 320 x 240 detector, spot and ambient temperature measurement capabilities, plus the ability to capture images. Argus: the tough, rugged member of your battalion.

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News and Announcements Member Comment of the Week
25 Fla. firefighters dispatched to scene of 'horrific' crash
[Orange County, Fla.]

EMTs deliver baby in back of Maine ambulance
[Westbrook, Maine]

'Electrical nightmare,' odd construction challenge La. firefighters
[Lacombe, La.]

Fire damages bank branch in NC
[Greensboro, NC]

Message in bottle sent by NJ firefighters in '69 found in NC
[North Haledon, NJ]

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"I will take as much reflective as you can squeeze on a vest. I have had many close calls over the years because drivers claim they couldn't see us. More reflective vests are a good idea for the firefighter doing extrication when he backs away from his work and finds himself in traffic. They are not that cumbersome and your life is worth it."
— lajessie
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Get the best protection at the best price: fire departments are choosing TenCate SouthernMills ADVANCE ULTRA™ because it gives you what you need. Its unique patented construction, engineered from a blend including DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand fiber, fits your budget while providing superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to the heat.

Outfit your crew at www.southernmills.com
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Super Vacuum is the world leader in the manufacturing of emergency ventilation products. All of our products are helping fire departments throughout the United States and around the world.
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Demonstration of the Globe G-Xtreme Turnout Gear

A video demonstration about the benefits of Globe G-Xtreme Turnout gear.
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