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FireRescue1 Member News - Volume 432 - January 27, 2010

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FR1 Weekly
Member News
Jan. 27, 2010
Volume 432
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Street Smarts
Townhouse Fire Hazards
By Michael Lee, FireRescue1 columnist
Nearly every department in the United States has some form of multi-family residences in their districts. Fires in townhouses pose a significant challenge from both rescue and fire attack perspectives. Many fires in townhouses are room and contents fires, but it is critical to know how they may impact your own responses and how quickly fire can spread in these types of residences. Full Story
Md. critical victim mistaken for dead
Responders place a car crash victim into an ambulance in Prince George's County, Md., on Monday after mistakenly declaring him dead. He is being treated for critical injuries. (Image WUSA)
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Top Stories
Philips HeartStart MRx: When Time is Crucial
Only the Philips HeartStart MRx provides Fire and EMS professionals with new tools for STEMI decision support, allowing more confident diagnosis and cath lab preparation before arriving at the hospital. Now enhanced clinical data can be sent ahead to the waiting hospital, quickly and easily, reducing critical time to lifesaving treatment.
Learn how Philips can help you save lives
Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine
Firefighters Under Fire: MSA Offers Ballistic Vests
By Audrey Esposito
In what is perhaps a sad sign of the times, increasing numbers of firefighters are required these days to don body armor along with their turnout gear, helmets, airpacks and medical equipment. Full Story
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AirMATION Protects the Health of Your Crew
AirMATION® is a world leader in air purification and removal of diesel exhaust fumes in Firehouses and EMS Departments. AirMATION provides the most effective solution to help you protect your personnel and neighborhoods from the dangers of diesel exhaust. The AirMATION System meets and exceeds diesel exhaust removal standards set by NIOSH, EPA, NFPA, OSHA, USFA, and CSA.
See how AirMATION protects your community
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Featured Training Video
Food for Thought
FDNY's Eric Geiger teaches the basics of forcible entry. He covers how to sound a door, tool placement when looking for a purchase, and correct gapping technique. Watch Video

Ark. firefighter dies of heart attack on fire call

Name: Henry Sandy
Date: January 26
City: Batesville, Arkansas
Cause: Firefighter Sandy was arriving at a trailer fire when he collapsed. Full Report
Are You Sporting Black Helmet Apparel Yet?
Black Helmet Apparel is the hottest in off-duty wear for firefighters. Designed and printed in the USA and created by a third generation firefighter, the clothing features unique hand-drawn imagery that captures today's firefighter culture. Choose from classic tees, polos, hats, workout gear, and more.
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The Battalion on FlashoverTV
A Milwaukee ISO gives an overview of local community characteristics and a dive team searches a river for a potential victim after a wrecked kayak is reported.
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News and Announcements
Comment of the Week
"I once responded to a cow caught in a creek, but we weren't just saving a cow. We were saving the cow's owners, their neighbors, and at least a dozen other bystanders."
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Crash Course Dayton Ohio from Howell Rescue Systems
The 2006 Crash Course in Dayton, Ohio training was provided by Howell Rescue Systems.
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