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Kittens save FFs, mayor demands better dance moves & more funnies | Feb. 14, 2013

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PoliceOne April 1 Newsletter
Dear Member,

We cover plenty of serious topics in these parts, so we're happy to introduce the debut of our Firefighting Humor eNews, aimed at the lighter side of a very stressful profession. Humor has always been a big part of life at the fire station, and we hope to capture some of that madcap spirit here.

In this premiere issue, we've put together a collection of news stories for your enjoyment — some completely made up and others we wish were. We've also added some hilarious tales from the front from our resident humorist and our army of readers. Think you're funny and want to contribute to a future Humor eNews? Shoot us a note.

The FireRescue1 Team
Spoof News
Kittens rescue Minn. firefighter
Featured News
When a curious firefighter found himself stuck in a drainpipe he'd wandered into, a group of adorable kittens swung into action. The kittens quickly formed a chain linking front paws to tails and made their way into the drainpipe. "Pretty spooked"
Fire chief reprimanded for firefighter dance video
Mayor: 'We're a professional fire department and damn it, we're going to dance like one'
Town forgoes all water, employs 'New Age' firefighting
City officials cut water supply to hydrants to save money, say waterless firefighting methods must be explored
Firefighting group pushes to cut Ben Franklin's hair
The fringe group calls Franklin's locks a 'disgrace to the service' and are bent on righting history
Tactical Bacon in a can! LA Police Gear Tested and Approved
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Firehouse Funnies
10 things the public should know
By Will Wyatt, FR1 Columnist
Never underestimate the general public's ability to not understand firefighters and the jobs they perform. Where they get their ideas is a mystery. Yes, the truck carries water
FR1 Exclusive
13 funniest firefighting moments
By FR1 Staff
Firefighting, as we all know, is a dangerous job. As dangerous as being on the scene can be, it can also be the best time for a laugh. Can you top these?
FR1 Exclusive
The top 6 weirdest rescues
By FR1 Staff
Some rescues make you wonder how did this happen in the first place? These weird, funny and simply bizarre rescues actually occurred — or didn't in one case. No ordinary rescues 140

A blonde calls the fire department all excited. "Come quick, my barn is on fire, my barn is on fire." The dispatcher says, "Calm down now, just tell us how to get there." She says, "Oh, don't you have that big red truck anymore?" Submit your jokes
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