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March 10, 2015
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Have you wrestled with the debate over maintaining fire service tradition and the department's reputation? Or, whether or not working out during shift is actually injuring firefighters? If so, Chief Novrin Collins delves into the tradition vs. reputation issue, while scientist Sara Jahnke shows us what the numbers reveal about firefighter injuries.

Linda Willing explores how to make sure your department is both compliant and compassionate when dealing with pregnant firefighters. And arson investigation expert Roger Krupp walks you through what it takes to have investigators who can hold their own in court.
FireRescue1 Team
Featured Article
How to maintain firefighting tradition and reputation
By Norvin Collins
Fire service reputation and tradition can be at cross purposes; yet, outdated practices can be sacrificed for reputation without hurting tradition. Kill bad traditions
How not to hire idiots, thugs and misfits
Firefighters will determine public and lawmaker support for the department, hire wisely
What a fire chief must do to change the culture
It's more important to be honest and deal with the reality of the situation than to just say the right words
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Exclusive Articles
Make your arson case stick
By Roger Krupp
In order to stand up in court, a fire investigator's opinion must have the backing of formal and on-going education. NFPA 921
Research solves firefighter injury, exercise link
By Sarah Jahnke
Firefighters working out during shift has been tied to on-duty injuries; scientists dig deep into those numbers to show what they really mean for firefighter safety. It's in the numbers
Leadership Tips
Firefighting and pregnancy: What chiefs must know
By Linda Willing
Being ill-prepared for things like firefighter pregnancy and breastfeeding hurts a department's ability to attract the best firefighters and stay out of court. It's the law
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The MAXIFORCE® G2 Air Lifting Bag is a thin, strong, molded envelope available in 14 different sizes. It is made from 3 layers of Neoprene covered Aramid fiber reinforcement and has the power to lift, move or shift weights up to 89 tons (80.9 metric tons) per bag.
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Rad-57: Quick and Noninvasive Assessment of CO Levels in the Blood
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Featured News
N.J. fire department shuts down over dispute
Ex-Black Forest chief cleared in using fire dept. credit card
Dallas fire chief pressured to finish college degree
Retired Seattle fire chief to lead D.C. fire and EMS
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Stop romanticizing firefighting
Are romantic notions of the fire service the root of our safety ills?
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