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Verizon eSupplement October 2012

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Dear FireRescue1 Member,

Despite advancing technology, fire department communication can resemble a "Flintstones" cartoon. You remember, they'd talk to a bird and open its cage for it to fly to the recipient and repeat the message. And if you are relying on something slightly more modern than a parrot, who can blame you? Your department may fall in a rural area. Or, it may fall in an area bereft with financial woes.

Either way, modern communication can seem light years away. In this edition of our eSupplement series, we show that it is closer than you may think. We offer two articles on how to dramatically boost communication capabilities for both rural and budget-conscious fire departments. We also look at the role 4G is playing in fire communication.

— Rick Markley, FireRescue1 Editor

FR1 exclusive
Rural firefighting: Solving the communication puzzle
Dedicated broadband for emergency responders is still years away, but there is technology available to boost your communication. In the meantime
FR1 Exclusive
How to get broadband on a budget
Cross-platform, interoperable communication is no longer reserved for fire departments with deep pockets. Bend it like Wytheville
The 4G future of public safety
The opportunities 4G presents allow agencies to move forward from outdated technologies and concepts toward new user-friendly, efficient and interoperable communications. 3 possibilities
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