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In this month's Fire Chief eNews, Chief Gary Ludwig explores a different type of social distancing employed by chiefs – living in a bubble, removed from members. Also, Marc Davidson warns against using generational differences as an excuse for poor leadership, and Joe Pennino explains how to cultivate problem-solvers among the ranks.

The FireRescue1 Team
The socially distanced chief: Problems abound when the chief lives in a bubble
By Gary Ludwig 
It’s time to emerge from the office and do a little ‘Leading by Driving Around’ to connect with members
Fire service leaders must avoid the trap of the generational argument
By Marc Davidson 
Resorting to generational biases prevents leaders from connecting with members and building their trust
Unchaining the chain of command: Growing fire department potential with a new model
By Joe Pennino, EFO, CFO, MIFireE 
The ultimate goal of the High-Performance Organization model is to have more problem-finders AND more problem-solvers
The Next Generation Fire RMS Is Here
Meet the most demanding and evolving needs of your fire department with ESO Fire RMS. From NFIRS-compliant incident reporting to CRR tracking and more, you'll be armed with all you need to solve issues and achieve your departmental goals.
Meet your new Fire RMS
Navigating politics and budgets during trying times
By Side Alpha with Chief Marc Bashoor 
Fire Chief Marc Bashoor speaks with Baltimore City Chief Niles Ford about how fire service leaders can manage political and financial challenges in the modern era
Financial mismanagement: The other smoldering fire
By Scott Eskwitt  
Put controls in place to prevent fire department fraud, embezzlement and other financial (and PR) nightmares
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