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On scene: How to guard against violence
Parking a fire apparatus to optimize fire attack
The Kitchen Table Blog Visit Subscribe Volume 669May 7, 2012
News Spotlight
Prosecution begins for 9/11 attackers
The U.S. has finally started the prosecution of five Guantanamo Bay prisoners charged in the Sept. 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people — including 343 firefighters — but the trial won't be starting anytime soon. Both sides said Sunday that the case could continue for years. "It's going to take time," said the chief prosecutor, Army Brig. Gen. Mark Martins, who said he expects to battle a barrage of defense motions before the case goes to trial. "Frustrated by delay"
Featured News
High-tech video explains FF death
Featured News
A sophisticated fire modeling program created by ATF unpacks a 2011 LODD minute by minute. (Image ATF)
Fire Dynamics Simulator
Today's Top Stories:
Soldier who died on Skype was volunteer firefighter: Was talking to wife at time of death; cause has not been released
Chicago battalion chief's side business deals investigated: Received hundreds of thousands in snowplowing contracts, prohibited by law
NY 911 system beset by delays, errors
Father sues town over fatal Christmas fire
Police rescue 5 from burning NY apartment
Underage driver crashes into Calif. fire truck
News Analysis:
Roadway risk to firefighters
By Chief Adam K. Thiel, FR1 Editorial Advisor
While we don't know the exact physics of this crash, it's not hard to picture a scenario where the firefighters' injuries could have been much worse if they were transiting the intersection at-speed when broadsided by this underage driver. Remember your high school physics: Force = Mass x Acceleration. Even a Chevy Malibu can deliver quite a blow depending on its speed, and the speed of the unwitting "target." Stop on red
On Scene
6 tips to avoid fireground violence
By Dan Marcou, FR1 Contributor
Fires are not the only danger that firefighters may confront — often they can be called to emergencies that are also in-progress crimes. When confronted by a dangerous individual or an unruly crowd, remember these tips to stay safe. Scene options
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The Domino Effect
Parking a fire apparatus to optimize fire attack
By Mark van der Feyst, FR1 Columnist
It falls to the officer and driver to plan what operations will be needed and where to park the apparatus to make those operations effective. Remember to leave room for access to all tools and ladders.
Don't become part of the scene
The Ultimate Driving Simulation System for Fire Apparatus
When your team climbs into the Simulation Technology DSS, they’ll feel right at home like they are in their own vehicle and take everything they learn onto the real road.
Community Focus
Smoke & CO alarms:
Matters of life and death
By Tom Kiurski, FR1 Columnist
The level of preparation is the difference between good and bad luck. When it comes to fire prevention, your community members can bet their lives on that. Teach them how to use these life-saving devices and to have an escape plan. Proper use
FR1 Video
LAFD saves seagull
LAFD uses its aerial truck to rescue a trapped seagull.
Fire drill in Vietnam
A fire department in Vietnam conducts a fire drill at a high-rise apartment building.
View more fire videos at
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Ziamatic Corp Announces FDIC 2012 Sweepstakes Winner
[Ziamatic Corp]

Southeastern Specialty Vehicles and Libby’s Support Guardians of the Ribbon
[Southeastern Specialty Vehicles]
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