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Police1 April 1 Newsletter
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Well, we've been at it again — collecting crazy-but-true firefighting and rescue news articles, hilarious videos and tossing in a few of our own made-up gems. Given the upside down world we sometimes live in, we can see how the fake and funny news could be confused for one another. To avoid that potential embarrassment, we've clearly labeled each.

We've also added a real head-scratcher from our resident humorist Will Wyatt, whose take on not-so-everyday life is sure to amuse.

As always, train hard, stay safe and take time to laugh at life. If you think you're funny and want to contribute to a future Humor issue, just shoot us a note.

The FireRescue1 Team

Featured News
Grad students develop first robot fire chief
Featured News
Watsamata University Lead Project Researcher Prof. Ari U. Cirrious said the team did painstaking on-scene and firehouse research to incorporate all of the nuances of a real fire chief into Robo Chief. "Get your lazy ass off the recliner"
Unbelievable News:
Detroit Fire shops 99Cent Store for fire gear
Budget woes and constant firehouse break-ins have forced firefighters in Detroit and other metropolitan cities to seek steep discounts
New guilt-based smoke detectors getting results
Recently developed technology allows the smoke detector to nag its owners like an overbearing mother when low on battery power
Expose: Fire department kitten scheme uncovered
Firefighters are caught on hidden camera planting sedated kittens that they then rescued
FR1 Exclusive
Hush, you'll wake the children
By Will Wyatt, FR1 Columnist
Neighbors in our nation's capital are up in arms about noise pollution. They've even organized into Quiet D.C. You might think their effort is aimed at silencing those on Capital Hill. Nope, it's fire trucks

During a fire prevention session a child raises his hand. The firefighter in charge acknowledges him and the child says, "When I grow up I want to be a firefighter." The firefighter looks at the child and says, "You can't have both." Submit your joke FireRehab FlashoverTV FireGrantsHelp
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