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November 2007
Volume 12

Featured Report
Responders in the dark switch to innovative lighting solution
Blinding light has its place — a stage on Broadway, a football game, the Vegas strip. However, when it comes to nighttime incidents, that same light intensity can lead to on-scene safety hazards by blinding responders.

For emergency personnel, portable units that offer glare free, reduced-shadow lighting, such as those offered by the company Powermoon, are often preferable as they offer an innovative solution for night lighting ... Full Story

Sponsored by Eye Safety Systems

ESS's line of firefighting and rescue eyewear combines sports technologies with high performance materials and patented components to deliver a superior combination of protective features: comfort, optical clarity, and resistance to impacts, lens fogging and heat.

Products in the News
Calif. homeowners use retardants to protect homes in path of fire

Foamsafe from Consumer Fire Products, shown here, is an example of a fire retardant aimed at homeowners.
The state of California mandates that fire-retardant materials be used in commercial buildings, including churches and senior centers. Residential properties face no such mandate, so home fire protection is largely a do-it-yourself enterprise in the event of a wildfire.

Now, more and more companies manufacture products aimed at homeowners. Some can protect homes for years with one application; others are designed to be used only as a wildfire approaches ... Full Story

Also in the News:
Calif. engineer believes balloons firefighting tool of the future

Chicago firefighters to receive new lifesaving device

Texas firefighters to battle heat with new uniform: Shorts

Featured Products

PEAC-WMD 2007 Software
AristaTek, Inc.
Titan Series Rescue Stretcher
UB-V2 Wildland Bandanna
Hot Shield
AIR VAC-911 Engine Exhaust Removal System
Air Vacuum Corporation

Mobile Red Rack™
Ready Rack
Angus Terrain Pack
Cutter G-Series
Fire Barrier Curtains
Storm King Mountain

Featured Deals
Check Out the Quad LED Light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics
The Quad LED Light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a highly functional emergency lighting system made for first responders and public safety professionals. You will be amazed at how fast the traffic moves out of the way! Features include 7 different lighting patterns, the capacity to run on low current and much more. All orders over $250 will receive free shipping. Learn More
Get a CPR MICROSHIELD® for Maximum Performance
The CPR MICROSHIELD®, manufactured by MDI, was designed to meet two critical specifications; protect the rescuer and allow the rescuer to perform proper CPR according to the established guidelines and procedures. The patented one-way valve and single piece design assures the rescuer that the barrier will not leak, or ever fall apart during CPR. Learn More
CHIEF Offers Free Two-Way Radio Batteries
Now through Dec. 31, buy 6 two-way radio batteries and receive 1 FREE... or buy 12 two-way radio batteries and receive 3 FREE! Multiplier designs and manufactures batteries for portable supply requirements. Working with O.E.M. and aftermarket customers, Multiplier has produced over 1,900 standard and custom-designed battery types for various markets. Learn More

Product Notes

Enroll in Eastern Kentucky University's Master's degree program in Safety, Security & Emergency Management degree program!
The need for educated and experienced professionals in the Safety, Security and Emergency Management fields continues to rise as do the job opportunities available to such professionals. Eastern Kentucky University recognizes this need and has developed a regionally accredited program that is completely online ... Learn More

Get world class vehicle cameras from Intec Video Systems, Inc. Worried about backing accidents? This should be the last thing your crew should worry about racing to a scene. Intec Video Systems rear vision safety cameras offer operators the widest field of view available eliminating blind spots and providing a sense of security ... Learn More

Remove contaminated air and exhaust with the MagneGrip Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System. The MagneGrip exhaust extraction system is the best and most economical way to protect those who protect everyone else. When diesel engines are started inside a building, these toxic air contaminants are emitted into the breathing area, which poses serious health risks. There is nothing more effective at removing toxic air contaminants and protecting the health and well-being of your workforce ... Learn More

AVON + ISI offer the Magnum SCBA. A top of the line breathing apparatus ideal for first responders. Features include an integrated facemask and regulator with no docking required, a facemask and regulator that are completely submersible for quick and easy sanitizing, a permanent anti-fog/anti-scratch coating, and a 100% optically correct visor in 3 faceseal sizes ... Learn More

Product News

Training Center Business Plans offers Training Facility Tips
[The Interact Business Group]

New True View Digital DVD from MPH Industries Sets Itself Apart
[MPH Industries]

EFJ, Inc.'s 5100 ES Series Portable Radio Named Hot Product by Public Safety Communications

PocketCPR Device Receives FDA Clearance as an Over-the-Counter Rescue Device
[ZOLL Medical Corporation]

AMKUS Rescue Systems Announces the New 30CRT Spreader
[Amkus Rescue Systems]

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