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In this month's Safety & Health eNews, John B. Tippett Jr. outlines the three most important factors when making "heat of the moment" decisions, while Scott D. Kerwood explains the importance of comprehensive rehab to get firefighters "back in the game."

Additionally, Aaron Zamzow offers tips for strengthening immunity in preparing for the impending flu season, and Gordon Graham demonstrates the proper way to check your SCBA.

The FireRescue1 Team
‘In an instant’ decision-making: Ensure your snap decisions are sound
By John B. Tippett, Jr. 
Making the right decision in the heat of the moment is the result of how you manage 3 factors – time, threat and control
Beyond ‘high-quality H20’: Rehab gets your tactical athletes back in the game
By Scott D. Kerwood 
How to develop a comprehensive rehab program and build your response team
How firefighters can strengthen their immunity
By Aaron Zamzow 
As COVID-19 wears on and flu season approaches, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy
Checking your SCBA
By Gordon Graham 
In Today's Tip from Lexipol co-founder and risk management expert Gordon Graham, he explains the importance of checking your SCBA appropriately and of performing checks the way you would while wearing it
Choose the Most Breathable Moisture Barrier
Turnout gear designed with breathable GORE® moisture barriers allows sweat vapor to move more easily through your clothing so your body's cooling process can work more effectively – helping to minimize your heat stress burden.
Breathability after heat test
Is firefighting bunker gear dangerous?
By Billy Goldfeder  
Some perspective on dirty gear, PFAS and PFOA exposure, and what we can do to protect ourselves from occupational cancer
‘I never took the time to process the calls’
By John Vargo 
Using meditation to manage the memories of difficult calls and find happiness at home
Fire department response to aircraft emergencies
By Mark van der Feyst 
Video shows home engulfed in fire after being struck by a Cessna aircraft
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